Yogurt is an age-old food product that is very rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium and various minerals. Although yogurt like probiotic yogurt is derived from milk, it is digested by our bodies much easier compared to milk. It is a great alternative to milk, especially for people who are lactose intolerant.

Yogurt is a diary product that is produced by fermentation of milk by certain bacteria, majorly lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria are known as bacterial cultures. Yogurt can also be sweetened and flavored with fruit, chocolate and any other natural flavour desired. Yogurt is consumed almost daily in many parts of the world due to its high nutritional values.

non fat probiotic yogurt

There are several types of yogurts based on the fat levels such as non-fat (0%), low-fat (around 2%) and whole milk (4%). All these are readily available in the market. Probiotic yogurt is basically any yogurt that has live active cultures referring to the bacteria.

Now, what is probiotic yogurt? Probiotic yogurt like any yogurt contains bacteria that are beneficial to overall health. You might be wondering what is different about probiotic yogurt, as both normal yogurt and probiotic yogurt contain bacteria, which propel the people’s general health condition. Probiotic yogurt was first manufactured in the year 2000 and according to the manufacturers, they select the beneficial bacteria in such a way that it is more likely to survive digestion and reach the colon to perform the adequate tasks.

Probiotic yogurt is said to contain a third strain of bacteria in addition to the regular two bacteria that are found in yogurt.This third strain amplifies the usefulness of probiotic yogurt. Probiotic food, though not absolutely essential for the human body, is beneficial. It promotes and maximizes digestion of certain nutrients. Hence, probiotic yogurt is considered healthier than normal yogurt in every way. It is also said to improve our mood and incite positive attitude. Any trouble with digestion makes us depressed and uncomfortable. Probiotic yogurt aids our digestion and hence keeps us healthy and hence happy. It also helps in maintaining a moderate digestion rate, which suits out body-type.

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There are several probiotic yogurt brands available in the market. These probiotic yogurt brands offer a wide range of yogurt in different flavours such as strawberry, mixed berry, vanilla, cherry and prune containing variety of fresh fruits, artificial sweeteners, chocolates etc. A few popular probiotic yogurt brands are Activia, Yoplait Yoplus, Stonyfield and Dannon. All these brands are also available in low fat and non-fat varieties for people who are health and weight conscious.

However, it is said that the best probiotic yogurt available in the market is manufactured by Dannon. The non-fat yogurt by Dannon is available under the names of light and fit non-fat yogurt. There are a few other popular brands but research shows that Dannon yogurt is the most bought yogurt and rightly so because it is of high quality and worth the price.