Prescription sunglasses are a kind of glasses that are recommended to an individual, by an eye wear prescriber, after tests are ran on that individual’s eyes and results showed that corrective lenses are in need. Federal Trade Commission in USA demands that a patient is given a copy of eye wear prescription whether he or she asks for it or not.

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Refraction Eye Errors

Specification parameters on eye wear prescriptions vary from one individual to another. Generally, however, each lens is made specifically in order to correct blurred vision due to errors caused by refraction. Some of these errors include;

  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia

To determine the most suitable lens for an eye patient, a phoropter is used, and a patient is also asked which lens work best for him or her. A dispensing optician is responsible for assembling of spectacles frame and lenses and selling them to that eye patient.

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Prescription sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful effects of ultra violet rays and at the same time serve in making you look stylish and dope. Prescription sunglasses online can be found on the website, and this website offers some of best selections in cheap prescription sunglasses as well as designer glasses. Frames they offer feature tinted lenses aimed at protecting eyes from harmful ultra violet rays, and they specialize in selling on retail.

Polarized prescription sunglasses are prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses and are very handy in preventing harmful ultra violet rays from reaching a person’s eyes and at the same time reduce reflected glare surrounding them. These are majorly recommended for people with light sensitive eyes, who are advised to wear them even indoors after undergoing any kind of eye surgery because of superior light filtering found in polarised technology.

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Selecting Tips

In order to make informed decisions when going to get these glasses, below are guidelines on shopping for prescription sunglasses;

  • Select most suitable lens in terms of weight, size, and comfort and for fashion sensitive people, design.
  • Ensure that you visit qualified eye specialists who have up to date eye treatment equipment. This guarantees accuracy in test ran and strength of lenses prescribed, hence more reliable correction mechanisms.

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For a long time now, latest and hottest craze around has been different colour tinted prescription and non prescription sunglasses. This is where we come across things as crazy as pink sunglasses. This is how far fashion has gone. There are many variations of coloured sunglasses today that sometimes it is no surprise to see them in different looks.