It’s easy to get excited about remodeling projects and want to start swinging the demolition hammer before the plan is fully formed. However, it’s important to take the time to think about the goal of the remodel and how you plan to dispose of the construction debris before you begin demolition of the old space. Modern demolition methods strive to recycle as much of the old materials as possible, to minimize the environmental impact of the project.

Demolition Methods and Procedures

Salvaging Old Materials

  • Instead of breaking down walls, cabinets, flooring, and old appliances into a large pile headed for the dump, today’s demolition experts are carefully considering the space and looking for possible pieces that can be salvaged.

complete Pre-Demolition Methods and Procedures

  • Antique flooring, for example, can be refinished and reclaimed for use in historical buildings instead of being broken up and thrown away.

  • Before hiring someone to do your project, ask them if they are aware of eco-friendly modern demolition methods.

Recycling Old Materials

  • Even if something can’t be reclaimed for use somewhere else, often times it can be recycled.

  • There are several companies that turn old flooring and counter tops into new kitchen and bathroom counter tops. They simply grind the old materials up and mix it into a product that can be hardened and formed into a flat slab.

  • Even old wood from walls, roofs, or cabinets can be recycled into fresh new items.

Selling Old Materials

  • If an item is still usable, but maybe not in the best shape, try selling it online. People looking to finish a basement or add a garage work shop don’t necessarily need or want new items.

  • Old toilets, water heaters, and sinks are all easy to sell to help offset the cost of remodeling. You won’t make a lot of money from your cast-offs, but you will save money on disposal costs.

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Benefits of Recycling Before Demolition

When you’ve finally removed all of the salvageable, sellable, and recyclable items from the space, it’s time to start going wild and start swinging the demolition hammer. You’ll be surprised how little there is to demolish after you’ve carefully gone through everything, and you’ll feel good about your green remodeling project. You’ll even save money on disposal costs by reducing your waste up to 50%!

Taking the time to decide what can be salvaged, sold, or recycled takes time and green demolition projects take longer to complete, but in the end less than half as much waste goes to the landfill. If you take into account how much debris is accumulated from an average remodeling project, you can see how easily eco-conscious demolishing can make a huge environmental impact.