The living room of a home is like a mirror that reflects the style and tastes of the family. Living room designs create an everlasting image for all guests as they step into the room. The designs and decorations set the mood and an aesthetic ambience surrounds the air. Selecting appropriate furniture, furnishings and accessories is quite important to make the living room really attractive and beautiful.

Every householder wishes to decorate the living room—or drawing room as it is also called—in a stylish and sophisticated way. The living room designs speak about the nature of the homemaker whether he or she is the formal type or a fun loving person. Here are some ideas of the living room designs that can be utilized to bring a new look to the home.

well appointed red white living room

1. If the room is used only for guests and formal gatherings, symmetrical designs are recommended in most cases. A sofa set placed neatly on a well-designed carpet or rug, a center table, few other chairs if it is a large room, tall lamp shades standing at the corner, luxurious window treatments, decorative lighting fixtures and a few traditional paintings to give a traditional feeling are the main items used.

2. If the living room is a warm place for welcoming guests as well as spending time together with family every day, then the living room designs have to be of a casual type. The sitting arrangements should be such that everyone can watch TV while talking to each other as this strengthens the bond among the members of a family. The fabrics of the curtains must be in tune to the color scheme of the room and the furniture. Practical ideas are more useful here rather than the set rules. A small table to keep a book while sipping tea often adds warmth to the living area.

3. Another important thing to remember when thinking about living room designs is your likes and dislikes. Every bit of decoration should be a reflection of the personality and standards of the family. The pictures or photographs that are hung up should match the arrangements of the furniture, the color of the walls and also the environment.

Certain Points to Note for Effective Living Room Designs

  • There should be ample light in the living room. A bright room is always more welcoming than a dull one. To add to the brightness, colorful flowers can be used to spice it up.
  • If the room is a small one, placing mirrors often help to make the room look spacious. However, the mirrors have to be placed in strategic positions to bring the feel effectively.
  • Treating the floor innovatively is also important. Ceramic or mosaic tiles or well-polished wooden floors, too, give a bright and sophisticated look.
  • Keeping it clutter-free is absolutely important.

modern white living room design ideas with cozy ornament

Nowadays, designing living rooms in an artistic way by putting up canvas prints is quite trendy. Cheap canvas prints help to decorate the drawing rooms with photographs of pets, family members and even memorable moments. When going for the cheap canvas prints, it is advisable to check the quality of the materials on which the pictures are printed and the type of ink used. If they are of a high quality, then one is rest assured that in spite of being cheap canvas prints, they will last for a very long time.