A power scraper is a tool designed to make scraping easier and more precise. Lightweight and economical, this powerful tool is used for different purposes such as removing floor tiles as well as scraping old paints and wallpapers.

Powered by electricity, this scraping tool adapts to a wide variety of skill levels and applications. Its electronic speed is adjustable, enabling the operator to choose his preferred combination of scraping blade, scraping speed, and stroke length. So, the power scraper is most likely to come up with the best results.

original makita power scraper

Functions Of A Power Scraper

Unless you are a scraping specialist, renting a power scraper is a practical option for you. Visit your local hardware store and ask if they are offering power scraper rental so that you won’t have to buy something that you will not use that much.

Here are the things a floor scraper does:

1.)  Roughing 

This is the first step in power scraping. By using side movements and positioning the scraping tool’s edge all over the surface of the work piece, a power scraper can complete this function in no time.

2.)  Finishing

This function aims for flatness, squareness, and parallelism in relation to other surfaces. Typically, the process needs a shorter stroke and a narrower blade. It uses the same movement used in roughing, even though it may be altered with back and forth movements toward the same direction.

3.)  Point Spotting

This improves the quality of the scraping job by increasing the number high spots shown up by the bluing-in. These spots will be large and few at the beginning. The large spots are scraped away by controlling the power scraper across the surface of the work piece without putting pressure. In this manner, the operator will be able to develop the rhythm easily. As a result, the carrying spots will be smaller and evenly distributed across the whole surface.

hurricane power floor scraper

Types Of Power Scrapers

1.)  Power Paint Scraper

This type of scraper is typically manufactured to be used manually to remove paints and even old wallpapers. When you visit the stores that sell power scrapers, you will see various models including a telescoping handle. This handle is extendable to allow the user to stay on the ground while removing the softened wallpaper or paint from the higher parts of the wall. Some power paint scraper models do not include a telescope, but may have a fitting where the threaded dowel is inserted so the device can still be used even for high walls without using a ladder.

2.)  Power Floor Scraper

A power floor scraper is equipped with adjustable blades to strip off the whole floor surface or remove adhesives and debris on the floor. Powered by electricity, its driveshaft pushes the blades on the floor to remove the surface or sticky adhesives.

There are two different types of power scrapers, and these are:

a.)  Ride-on Models

For large jobs, larger machines like ride-on models are used. These machines are built with a top seat so that the user can easily move it to a different location.

b.)  Walk-Behind Power Scrapers

Resembling the structure of a large lawn mower, this device requires the user to walk behind it while pushing it across the surface. It may not have the same voltage as the ride-on, but it works well for smaller jobs.