Photographs are one of the best methods to keep and cherish memories, capturing each happening and event or some simple faces of nature. With today’s technology, they can be stored on disks and computers for them to be viewed over and over again without risks of fading. For the photo prints, usual sizes like the 5R or 7R are sometimes not enough. There shall always be photos or portraits that would require enlargement to be able to display their beauty on a grander scale. Some common examples of posters from photos are the scenic landscapes, those purposely used during weddings, graduation, funeral, your favorite stars, or perhaps your beloved family portraits.

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Making posters from photos is an easy way of showcasing such images to a larger number of audiences. They are also great ways to decorate homes and offices when they are beautifully encased on classy frames. On the business side, custom posters from photos are rather cheap way to advertise or do a local marketing campaign. Photos which may be used as posters can either be those that were already printed like family portraits which you wanted to duplicate or enlarged, those digitally captured ones saved on your computer, or creating one from scratch.

When you try to do it from the top, you might have a hard time convincing your spouse and children to get groomed and have a trip down to the local photo studio. Then, you may want to consider making posters from digital photos using your own digital camera. When you’re left to DIY mode, here are few considerations to take note of.

Ensure the quality of the digital camera you will be using. Take note of the number of pixels your camera is capable of shooting. When you want posters larger than the size of a bond paper, you should have at least a minimum 6 megapixel capacity.
Though you are not a professional photographer, experiment on the best lighting condition to make your posters from photos stunning. Simple natural light from the sun is enough but when it’s a little dimmer, you may use additional lamps.
Be creative on your background or location which most of the time is determined by your photo theme.

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To make posters from photos that were already printed, you have to ensure cleaning of the photo first prior to scanning. When having them scanned, go for the maximum resolution possible. You can do the editing afterwards.

When you have your digital photos ready, use some image-editing software to re-touch some spots or when you want a distinct orientation or detail. When you are not that familiar with photo editing, there are thousands of free resources on the internet or, you may avail of the numerous services offered to make posters from photos also on the internet. Most of these are offered for free.