Memory foam reviews from the consumers are overwhelming and no doubt this is becoming top seller in the markets both online and locally. Memory foams are specially designed bedding mattresses to ensure healthy postures while sleeping. This bedding has revolutionized the concept of sleeping with a perfect posture.

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NASA Inspired Concept

Mainly the concept was introduced by NASA. The researchers designed a special foam mattress to ease the G-force pressure during the space shuttles’ take off towards the outer space. The design was never used in the spacecrafts but the concept revolved in some more creative hands. That’s how memory foams entered into our bedrooms. These foams were also known as T-foams, and these gave off some notorious gaseous substances in closed environments. These foams were not very durable so they couldn’t enter the spacecrafts. Later Robert B. Trussell founded Tempur-pedic, a small Swedish company introduced a new variant of memory foams called Tempur. This was the first step of memory foams in the bedrooms of most homes. And from there, the memory foam reviews has been getting positive feedbacks from its users.

Start of Mass Production

The manufacturers started selling the Tempurs to the medical facilities. The expensive manufacturing didn’t allow these special beddings to market for mass people. But the doctors and physiotherapists noticed that these foams work great especially for those who had pain in the back. That’s why most medical facilities started ordering for these memory foams and replaced most of the normal mattresses from the medical facilities. The popularity of these foams made the manufacturers go for mass production at lower production cost. Now, anyone can buy memory foam present in pillows, mattress bed toppers and mattresses.

According to most of the memory foam reviews that has been gathered, the best part of the memory foams is the contour matches and maintains a specific body curvature. Since a long time, mattresses are being used as major beddings. Foams usually get compressed under your body weight and later restore the original shape. But the memory foam mattresses and pillows create specific shape to make your resting hours comfortable. The cells of foam have numerous holes to make cell structure modifiable. These holes easily compress fully and the cells release the air pressure while restoring back. These memory foams materials are heat resistant and that’s why they can match and maintain with the warmth of a sleeping human body.

 Memory Foams Reviews: The Myths

Most memory foam reviews has been positive except for one myth. According to many users, these foams release a chemical odor which can be decreased by efficient ventilation system. These users have complained about respiratory irritations. The myths cannot be disproved, and yet none has ever proved these claims.

 Novaform Gel Memory Foam: A Bedding Technology Breakthrough

ultimate Novaform gel memory foam

Novaform gel memory foam is definitely a major breakthrough in the world of bedding technologies. This component makes the beddings i.e. the mattresses and pillows much better for sound sleep at night. The comfort of memory foam provides you the best weight dependant shaping, whereas the gel supplies integral mobility for your body movements during sleep. The experts have been promoting these memory foams for better circulation and easing the body aches. So, these products are becoming the top sellers in the leading online marketplaces these days. This name is on top of most memory foam reviews online.