Roses have been popular wedding flowers for generations. They can symbolize love, purity, friendship, and many other timeless qualities that make a good marriage. While the most popular colors have been red, white or even yellow, there is a new way to make a dramatic statement while adding a unique beauty to your bridal bouquet, tie die roses. These can make a beautiful statement by not only adding a little color to your bridal bouquet, but the flowers can also be died to match bridesmaid dresses and will make mother’s corsages, boutonnieres, and petals in a flower girl’s basket an object of envy and make your wedding uniquely yours and reflect your personal style.

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Tie Dye Roses

Tie dye roses were invented by a Dutch company and are now available for purchase worldwide but can be very expensive. Some floral companies make and sell these roses in bouquets but you have to be sure they are actually dyed and not painted, another popular technique used by florists. There are quite a few tutorials on how to dye the roses yourself. If you’re not particularly crafty, find a friend who would be able to do them and you too could have these beautiful and popular wedding flowers.

How to make Tie Dye Roses

To dye roses, you have to get the dye, such as food coloring, into them. This requires that they be fed the dye when they are still on the plants or injecting dye into the stems with hypodermic needles. These needles can be found at the pharmacy, ask the pharmacist. If he asks why, just tell the truth and offer to bring in your roses to show them off. Choose roses with big, creamy white blooms with a thick and hardy stem. They will need to be to withstand the dying process. About six inches from the blossom, insert the tip of the needle containing the color into the stem. Do not go in too deep or the colors will mix. Do this until you have a ring of punctures in the stem of the rose.

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Another technique to dye roses is to place the rose stems into water saturated with dye. To do this, take a razor and separate the stem of the rose into desired number of sections. For example, if you want a rose with three colors, separate your stem into three parts and place each part into a separate color dye. It will only take about a week to saturate your rose with the desired colors and effect as popular wedding flowers.

You can be as creative as you can when it comes to your bridal bouquet. After all, the flowers are symbols of fertility and prosperity. You can decide to go as colorful as you can with tie dye wedding flowers.