By now you have probably seen many uses for a rubber gasket just around your house. There are a lot of reasons why people and companies use rubber gaskets in order to seal things. If you are not exactly sure where you have seen a rubber gasket, then the list below should give you a great idea.

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Popular Uses For A Rubber Gasket

  • Jars – One of the items you will always see a rubber gasket on are jars. The reason you need a gasket on a jar is because without it the jar won’t seal and whatever is in that jar will go bad. Just keep this in mind because the next time you hear that pop after opening a jar you know that the rubber gasket is working.
  • Hoses – Also, if you want water to go through a hose correctly and not drip out the side of the valve, then you need to have a good gasket on it. If you ever wondered why there is a small rubber thing in your hose that is the reason.
  • Oven – For most ovens you will see a rubber window gasket that goes around the glass. The reason you need a gasket here is to keep the heat from escaping. Also, this gasket has to be heat resistant so that it doesn’t shrink or melt due to the high amount of heat.

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These are just some of the places where you have probably seen a rubber gasket being used. Just know there are any more places where you will see rubber gaskets as well as a rubber gasket sheet. This is all great; however, you might be wondering what rubber gaskets are even made out of, right? Below you will see the list of some of the more popular rubber gasket material that manufacturers use.

different rubber gasket materials

Popular Rubber Gasket Materials

  • Synthetic Rubber

This is one of the cheapest rubber gaskets out there and that is why you will see this on most items. Just know that synthetic rubber is very easy to make and it is durable, that is why many people prefer this over some of the other kinds.

  • Neoprene Rubber

The reason why neoprene is so popular is because it handles different temperatures very well. For example, neoprene is mostly used for wetsuits for divers who plan on going into really cold water. This can also be used for high heat as well since the neoprene rubber doesn’t take in the heat, but reflects it.

  • Polyethylene Rubber

The benefit of this rubber gasket is that it can be used in many different ways because it is so easy to sculpt. This is something that the other rubbers don’t do and that is why most refrigerator makers use polyethylene rubber for the gasket around the fridge and freezer doors.

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There you have it. These are the most popular rubber gaskets out there. So, now that you have an idea of what is out there and what some of the uses are you can buy the rubber gasket that you need.