Beyond elegance and interior decorating, vanity sinks for your bathroom are an essential piece of modern amenities. Most homeowners now enjoy making elegant design statements with their vanities.

The advantage of vanity sinks are their versatility. You gain function with their stylish form; often they are purchased for their storage capabilities. Vanities with cabinets and drawers make great shelving for toiletries.

whitehaus quatro alcove reversible fireclay sink with decorative lip

Vanity Sinks And Their Uses

The uses for vanity sinks are quite basic. They are a highly specific piece of furniture with a combination of a water-using feature (the sink itself).

  • Washing Hands – Sinks have one primary usage: assist with your hygiene. After any bathroom use you can use the sink on your vanity to clean your hands.
  • Storage – Vanity sinks come with cabinetry and/or drawers. These offer great storage options. From spare hygiene paper, towels, and soaps or shampoos, to hair brushes and make-up the options for storage are endless.
  • Decoration – The sheer elegance of a high-end vanity sink is all it takes for some homeowners to purchase one. Classic lines, intricate detail, and utility make them a functional decor accent.
  • Filler – There are some bathrooms that have a lot of floor space. A thin pedestal sink would be too narrow for a wide space. Vanity sinks add dimension and filler to an otherwise exposed bathroom layout.

white whitehaus fireclay farm sink model

Popular Types And Styles

Your personal home design plans will vary from the next person’s design. So, the more common types of vanity sinks available on the market may or may not suit you. But rest assured there are furniture retailers that will customize your furniture to give it a unique feeling.

  • Whitehaus Sinks

These sinks come in traditional styling but are most known for their modern style. Vessel type and standard double basin stainless or porcelain sinks are available.

  • Mahogany Sinclair Vanity Sinks

This is a classic looking vanity sink. The club feet on a highly-detailed mahogany wood cabinet sits beneath a cream colored sink.

  • Hadden Vanity Cabinet With Sink And Mirror

With its solid oak material base and a finish completed in espresso color, this white sink vanity also includes a mirror. You will enjoy the brushed aluminum hardware.

  • Vanity Cabinets With Vessel Sinks

A modern style with a raised, often glass or porcelain bowl that sits on top of the vanity cabinet as opposed to a drop-in design.

Listed above are the more popular brands of vanity sinks available.