When people drive down the street, they take for granted that the tires of their vehicles are always in contact with the pavement of the road. This is a product of the fact that all cars have shock absorbers.

This is a hydraulic oil pump device which manages the recoil movement of a vehicle’s springs and suspension. The shock absorber oil uses a valve system to control the overflow of energy created from the springs. This action ensures a car ride will be smooth while ensuring that the tires of the vehicle are in contact with the road surface at all times.

In present society, people have small, medium sized and large cars. All of the cars have shock absorbers but some vehicles and suspensions need different types. There are a large number of shock absorber manufacturers but there are only three types that are commonly available – conventional telescopic, struts or spring seat.

heavy duty shock absorber

Conventional Telescopic

These are the easiest and most manageable to put on a vehicle. They are located on the front and rear suspension of a vehicle. Usually, shock absorber repair of this types are not done. They are replaced instead because they are so inexpensive. However, there is also a style that can be repaired.


Struts take the place of the suspension system in vehicles. They need to be strong enough to deal with larger loads and impacts and usually are found in the front and rear suspensions of small and medium cars. A recent trend has larger vehicles also moving toward the usage of strut based suspension design.

A strut called the KYB Struts can accommodate cars of all sizes. It comes pre-assembled and is better than the traditional struts because it can be installed quickly with very little difficulty and its components have been built for use on domestic or import cars and minivans.

Strut Category

The strut category is divided into two units, the sealed units and the repairable units.

  • Sealed units were created to be replaced as a whole unit.  
  • In contrast, the repairable (McPherson) struts can be fixed with a replacement strut cartridge.

Lastly, there is one type of shock absorber that possesses the qualities of the conventional telescopic and the struts.

recoil spring seat shock kit

Spring Seat Shocks

The Spring Seat is similar to the struts in that it is a suspension unit and a damping device enclosed in one unit. It differs from struts in that it is not able to accommodate heavy loads. When repairs are required, a complete replacement is performed.

In modern society, many vehicle owners wonder how to return their vehicle to its original performance. The replacement of one’s shock absorbers represents one of the easiest and quickest ways to return a vehicle to its initial driving, handling and control capacities.