The awesome characteristic of a lace thong is that, it can make you feel sexy even when wearing casual T-shirts or clothing. Lace thongs are popular nowadays especially since the invasion of skinny jeans, leggings and tight skirts. It eliminates the unsightliness of panty lines you get when you wear regular granny panties.

wild prints lace thongs

Aside from being so seductive, it also makes you feel fresher because a lot of air can circulate around your bums making your skin to breathe more due to the G-string feature and the thin texture of the lace. The lace detail adds to the style of a low rise pants especially if it is peeping from your behind. Most of the lace thongs have an additional special detail on the back for this purpose.  One example of this is the lace up thong which is tied by a ribbon from behind, on the sides or at the front.

signature rolled pink lace thong

Popular Types Of Lace Thongs

Lace thong comes in many colors, designs and shape. There are many popular styles to choose from. Depending on your purpose, you choose the styles that best suit you.

  • Seamless Thong Panty. It is barely-there. You cannot see the seams. Plus, the fabric is tight fitting and thin that makes you think you are wearing nothing but your skin.
  • High Waist Lace Thong. If you are struggling with the bulge of your tummy and yet you want to wear a sexy lace thong, this type is for you. It will give your unwanted bulge an instant tuck. Your mid section will look firmer and toned.
  • G-String Lace Thong. This is the skimpy version of a lace thong. Instead of having a band on the waist as support, a stretchable string serves as the main hold of the thong and only a tiny low rise covering on the privates. This is very sexy and seductive at the same time.  The other name for this type is the T-back.
  • Ruffled Back Lace Thong. The back of the thong has a ruffle detail. This is best when you are planning to have a show. Because the ruffles are soft and do not bulge under your pants, you can still wear it under fitting jeans and skirts.

midnight delight black lace thong

Fashion Tips In Wearing Lace Thongs

Lace thong is really uncomplicated apparel. It goes well with every dress you choose. Here are some fashion tips of wearing it.

  • Nude Thongs. This goes well with white tight miniskirts and white leggings. It has the ability to hide itself under your skin. You look like you are not wearing anything at all. So, on dressy days, nude thongs are the best bet you can wear under your sexy dress.
  • Pink Lace Thong. It has a cute appearance. You can wear it under your leggings or under a matching pink chemise.
  • Black Lace Thong. It looks good under every outfit you choose. Black is a solid strong color. Most of the high waist lace thong girdle comes in this color.  If you want to have a thong that functions well under any type of dress, a black lace thong is a good choice.
  • Wild Prints Lace Thongs. This is every woman’s must-haves. Wild prints lace thongs make you feel sexy instantly and seductive even if you have gained some weight. It is like a magical wand that picks up your low unsexy day and transforms it into a sassy and flirty experience.

hanky panky red signature lace low rise thong

Top brands for lace thongs include Victoria Secret, Style Secret, Hanky Panky, Gilly Hicks and last but not the least, Target.

Fashion changes the styles of dresses that come every season but all types of underwear are here to stay. Whatever the design of your dress is, you must choose the right underwear to pair it with and you will never have fashion problem regarding accidentally showing garters and straps. Lace thongs are the choice if you want functional underwear with a sexy attitude