There are different types of kindle covers. Apart from the aesthetic value they add to your e-reader, they also protect it. The screen is fragile and requires protection from dust, liquids, dirt particle and other elements that may cause damages. The tough decision lies in making the choice what with the many designs and ideas in the market. However, you can make a choice by considering the benefits provided by each design.

Main factors in Choosing Types of Kindle Covers

  • First factor is the protective ability of the cover. This lies in the durability and strength of its material to keep away environmental elements.
  • Compact fitting to prevent the e-reader from slipping off.
  • The range of colors that you can choose from is also a factor. This is in regard to the style you want because there are flashy colors like red and yellow while others are dark.
  • The weight of the kindle cover plays a big part as well in choosing the best type. Some clients have complained about the added weight because of reader cases that have too many features. This becomes a portability burden. Hence, it is important to consider the ounces of weight before purchase.

book style kindle cover

Types of kindle covers

There are different brands in the market such as Belkin, Case Logic, Lightwedge, Marware, Timbuk2 and Kate Spade kindle cover among others. The price of the case depends with the material and the brand name. Some designs offer basic protection in the form of a case to slip on the e-reader, while other designs are developed with skill and creativity to produce cases that have daring colors and prints.

Most types of kindle covers are made of leather. This is the most popular material because it is long lasting and attractive. Most companies offer several designs in leather to suit different e-reader models. The designs come in a variety of colors such as black, green and pink. Some brands include a number of features to distinguish the make from other companies. For example, the Amazon lighted leather case has a reading light that is powered by the e-reader. Other brands made of leather include Marware, Duragadget and Cole Haan.

stylish pink kate spade kindle cover

Some manufacturers target a particular market such as the womenfolk. This is the case for the Kate Spade kindle cover collection that targets women with chic designs in flashy colors such as yellow, red, green and pink. The collection is made of canvas thereby providing quality cases that are durable. They are made in fancy prints and decorative statements that suit women. These embellishments fit the user’s wardrobe perfectly because women love accessories that correspond with their daily wear.

Other types of kindle covers are made of silicone. The major brands made of this material include Amazon’s kindle 3 silicone skin, Amazon Kindle 2 silicone case gel cover, TrendyDigital high grade silicone gel case and MoKo(TM) fitted silicone case for Amazon Kindle 4. When comparing the types of kindle covers, most people look at the modern appeal generated by the design. This is because readers are also evolving with smaller and sleek designs that are different from the larger ones of the previous years. Overall, even the ease in maintenance and care also accounts in the purchase decision.