Earth moving equipment is referred to by many names, such as heavy equipment and construction equipment. As the term implies, these machines are very heavy and can do several functions at any given time. Usually, various types of heavy equipment are used for clearing or excavating operations.

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Types Of Earth Moving Equipment

Some types of the earth moving equipment that are commonly used are the following:

  • Skid Steer – also known as the skid loader, this equipment has a small rigid frame that is incorporated with lift arms for the attachment of various labor saving tools. Sometimes furnished with tracks, skid steers usually has four wheels, which can be locked at the same time mechanically on both sides. The left side wheels could be driven independent of the right side wheels. There are many brands that are available on the market such as the Case skid steer.
  • Bulldozer – this huge equipment is used for pushing large amount of wood, earth and rocks. It looks like a tractor but with a dozer blade incorporated with the frame.
  • Crane – this earth moving equipment is used for lifting heavy loads from one place to another. It may have a bucket or rake attached to it and is capable of moving or lifting debris, trees and soil.
  • Backhoe – an earth digging equipment, this machine has a bucket attached to it to aid in digging.
  • Excavator Bucket – this equipment is a bucket, which could be attached to any heavy machine as an arm or extension. The major purpose of this heavy equipment is to scoop debris, soil or rocks.
  • Road Roller – this heavy equipment is utilized for compacting asphalt, soil, gravel or concrete for building roads. It has a heavy roller that compresses the area where it is rolling.
  • Pile Driver – this heavy equipment is utilized for driving piles into soil. The method of driving the piles is used for making structure foundations stronger.
  • Hydraulic Hammer – this machine is typically incorporated with an excavator and utilized for breaking or demolishing rocks or concrete structures.
  • Driller – this machine is used for drilling holes or wells in a construction.
  • Feller Buncher – this earth moving equipment is utilized for cutting down trees without damaging the structures or other trees nearby.

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These types of earth moving equipment are some of the most common machines that are used in constructions and you may see one of them when there is a tree clearing operation or road construction. As technology is evolving very quickly, you may soon see a new attachment to them in the future that makes earth moving much easier and faster.