A door sweep is a small strip of plastic or rubber attached to the bottom of the door to form a seal between the door and the floor. The door sweep forms a weatherproof seal at the bottom of your door. A door sweep can be used on both exterior as well as interior doors to help maintain the temperature in the house and helps in reducing both heating as well as cooling costs. Showers with doors are usually equipped with shower door seals. A door sweep seals the gap between the shower door and the floor preventing the water from leaking out when the shower is running.

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Types And Styles Of Door Sweeps

Door sweeps usually come in three types, the single seal, the triple seal and the automatic.

  • Single Seal

As the name suggests the single seal is made up of one seal which attaches to the bottom of the door. This sweep can be made of rubber, vinyl, plastic, foam or bristles. The single door sweep is used on doors which have a uniform floor. They not only help to insulate the inside of the house but also keep out dirt and debris from entering the house.

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  • Triple Seal

Triple seal door sweep usually has an aluminum top and vinyl bottom which has three vinyl strips instead of one. These sweeps are very efficient at sealing the house as well as keeping the dirt out. They are very easy to install. They usually are screwed on to the bottom of your door.

  • Automatic

The automatic door sweep is usually found in places that have carpeting. These door sweeps raise up when the door is opened allowing the sweep to rise above the carpet so that it does not keep on brushing the carpet every time the door is opened, thus leaving no marks on the carpet. These are more expensive than the other types of sweeps.

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Features And Benefits

Door sweeps not only seal the gap between the door and the floor but they help in insulating the home from the heat and cold on the outside, they also help in keeping the floors clean as they keep the dirt from entering the home. Door sweeps on shower doors help in keeping the water from leaking on to the floor. Door sweeps do need regular inspection as they tend to wear out over time and need to be replaced. While most door sweeps are easy to replace, shower door sweep replacement means that you have to get exactly the same sweep as a replacement.

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When installing door sweeps there are many brands from which you could choose. You can find quality products from Taylor door company, Value brand, Grainger, Endura products, just to name a few of the top brands. It is important to keep in mind the that the door sweep you choose does the job of protecting your home from the outside weather as well as keeping your home clean without harming the surface of your floor. When it comes to shower door sweeps they should keep the water from spilling on to the floor. Using door sweeps not only keeps your home clean but also saves on the heating and cooling costs.