Listed here are some of the most popular traditional games children or even adults play. Most of the games require two or more players and close interaction among them. These games are best played with the most possible players to ensure enjoyment.

Jump Rope Game

Children playing jump rope require 3 or more players. Two of them hold and swing the rope while the rest jumps in with the rhythm. To make the game more enjoyable, the game is played while singing childhood rhymes. Children proficient with the game can do various tricks, like double ropes. The game is comparable to the chinese jump rope. The main difference is that with the chinese game, instead of a regular jump rope, they use elastic bands and the rope remains stationary.

popular traditional games for adult

Circle Games

Circle games are best played with the most players. It is an enjoyable game since everybody can participate. Some of the popular circle games usually played are; Duck-Duck-Goose and Spin the Bottle. Adults even sometimes play circle games during gatherings. The good thing about this game is that you don’t have to be good at it to play it. The game can even be modified depending on what the players want.

Thinking Games

Another variation of the circle games are the thinking games. In this setup, children use series of rules depending on the game. Examples of thinking games are; Simon Says and Mother May I. This game involves creativity and quick-wittedness on the part of the players.

chinese jump rope for children

Board Games

Just like circle games but with a twist, 3 or more players are usually needed for this game to be fun. Board games like Monopoly, Pictionary and Scrabble are some of the examples that are being popularly played. Adults usually play these games during gatherings or reunions to spice-up the night.


Ball games are popular types of traditional games children play. The most common is the Dodgeball, where players are teamed into two. The two teams are positioned on opposite sides of the playing field and the balls are placed in the center. Once the game start, players try to get the balls and hit opposing team members. Once a player is hit, he/she is out of the game. The team that lost all of its players loses the game.


Another type of games played over the years is toy games. These are the simple toys like marbles and Jacks. Basic marble game is like playing pool. The normal goal is shooting the marble in a hole. Jacks game on the other hand, is played with a small rubber ball and several jacks. The goal is to pick the correct amount of jack with every bounce of the ball.

In general, traditional games compared to the current trend in video games, are more social in nature. Traditional games are played with interactions of two or more individuals. This promotes skills in dealing with other people that will prove to be beneficial to the players. It is a good way to teach a child how to interact with other people. Playing traditional games plays an important role in the development of a child.