Bottled water is becoming all the rage these days. It is quite surprising that despite tap water being deemed safe for 99% of the population in the western world, more and more people are opting for bottled water. Although safety has been listed as an issue, the majority state they prefer the taste whereas others simply stated that they just like the way it’s packaged.

There are various styles of water bottles on the market today. With the increase in the demand for bottled water, companies are actively competing to get as much market share as possible. One of the main weapons used by companies is packaging innovation. Innovations from the shape of the bottle to the colour of the bottle, from the type of material used to the size of the bottle, from recyclable to re-usable. All types of innovations have come about.

mizu colored stainless-steel water bottle

Types of water bottles

  • Water bottle shapes have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing such as some ‘twisty’ styled bottles, functional such as sports bottles or ‘space’ efficient to give the impression that there is more in the bottle than there actually is.

Colour of water bottles

  • Colour has also been used as part of the style to enhance the appearance and hence increase the sales of certain brands.
  • Additionally it is claimed that specific colours can cause physiological changes i.e. yellow makes people thirsty and red makes them hungry.

Materials used to make water bottles

  • When it comes to the actual materials that are used to make water bottles, a number of materials have been used. They range from glass, different types of plastics, laminated cardboard and aluminum.
  • For a long time plastics have been the material of choice however due to environmental concerns surrounding plastics, aluminum water bottles are seeing a rise.
  • In fact, the majority of vending machines now store more aluminum cans than plastic bottles.

hydro flask 18oz wide mouth sports bottle

Other classifications

Water bottle styles can also be separated into wide mouth bottles, ‘lifestyle’ bottles and ‘sports’ bottles.

  • Wide mouth bottles: These are usually aluminum and have a wide enough mouth to allow ice to be dropped in. They tend to be really robust and can be washed and reused.
  • Lifestyle bottles: These kinds tend to be designed for specific personalities to their own specific tastes. The tend to be fairly pricey and are designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. They incorporate technologies such as those used in vacuum flasks and other cutting edge technologies that allow things such as the prevention of residue settling at the bottom of the flask.
  • Sports water bottles: These bottles’ main feature is their lightweightness. They can be clipped on the athletes, on to bikes etc.