Nail polish is one quick and easy way to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe and make you stand out from the crowd. One potential downfall is having to consistently change your nail polish to match your wardrobe. However, choosing a silver nail polish is a great way to have fabulous looking nails, while not being required to change your nail color all the time, as silver nail polish will match almost every outfit choice, and is good for either casual or formal affairs.

shiny silver nail polish

Types Of Silver Nail Polish

There are a variety of silver nail polish, including: metallic silver nail polish, silver glitter nail polish, and shiny silver nail polish; as well as a number of silver nail polish brands to choose from. Popular silver nail polish brands include: OPI, China Glaze, Revlon, Wet & Wild, Avon, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Essie, Rimmel, Lynnderella, and more. There are also many stores that carry their own brands of nail polish, such as CVS Brand nail polish or Walgreen’s nail polish.

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Popular Brands

  • OPI Nail Polish

This brand is one of the more popular and better-rated brands of nail polish, and has a number of silver nail polish varieties available. OPI has four silver glitter nail polish options available, all with fabulous names: Save Me, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, DS Radiance and Pirouette My Whistle, are all OPI glittery shades of silver that will really let your nails shine. OPI also has metallic silver nail polishes in their Birthday Babe and Give Me The Moon colors.

  • China Glaze Nail Lacquers

China Glaze Nail Lacquers are another very popular nail polish option. China Glaze silver nail polishes tend to be a favorite because their colors are so unique and different and the polish tends to last a lot longer than other nail polish brands. China Glaze Nail Lacquers also rival OPI nail polishes in their polish name choices. China Glaze has shiny silver nail polish colors that cover the spectrum, from very light silver, Platinum Pearl, to a medium silver, Platinum Silver, to a dark, almost black, silvery color, Black Diamond. China Glaze silver glitter nail polishes are available in: Tinsel Town, Jitterbug, Silver Lining, Icicle, Nova, Polar Ice, Medallion, and Lorelei’s Tiara. China Glaze also offers metallic silver nail polishes in Cords, Devotion, Recycle, Catwalk, and Pelican Gray.

glowing silver glitter nail polish

  • Rimmel Nail Polish

Rimmel offers a cost effective option, their Lasting Finish Pro Nail Lacquer in two shades of silver nail polish, Steel Grey and Pure Silver, which are available at many retailers for less than two dollars. Rimmel also offers a silver version of the Crack Your Colour nail polish, which can be used over any other shade to provide a crackle effect on your nails.

The only downsides of OPI nail polishes and China Glaze Nail Lacquers is that they tend to be more expensive than some of the other varieties of silver nail polish out there. So while these choices might be great if you only paint your nails every 2 weeks or so, these may not be the best options for gals who like to change their nail polish every night.

elegant black and white metallic silver nail polish

No matter which version of silver nail polish you choose, wearing silver nail polish is a sure fire way to add polish (no pun intended) and pizzazz to your appearance.