Minelab metal detectors are made by a company from Adelaide, Australia although many people incorrectly assume that they are made in the United States. The Minelab metal detectors for sale that you see today were designed in the eighties but are still among the most searched brands at present. Aside from metal detectors, Minelab also produces add ons that were particularly designed for the toughest conditions such as the Australian outback. The metal detectors can be used for a variety of purpose from detecting metal on beaches to airport security. Used Minelab metal detectors are also easily available and sold at discounted prices.

Minelab metal detectors are made with multi period sensing, smart electronic timing, multi frequency system, dual voltage engineering and automatic ground tracking.

sophisticated gpx 4500 gold metal detector

Popular Products

Here are the different Minelab metal detectors used widely around the world:

  • E-TRAC Minelab Metal Detector

A DD 11 inch search coil comes standard in this design. It can interface with a computer directly, which allows download of configurations, user settings, best options and patterns. The configurations of other people using the E-TRAC can be downloaded as well. The standard functions of this model are 28 parallel frequencies, spectrum full band technology, rapid target processing, 32 steps tone ID validity, 2 dimension smartfind discrimination and 32bit microprocessor.

minelab fbs multiple frequency technology

  • Explorer Minelab SE Pro

This model also has a standard DD 11 inch search coil. It is incorporated with the iron mask function that removes trash iron from decent signals. Because of its 28 frequencies, the SE Pro can distinguish iron waste from a good target. Additional features include third generation software, spectrum technology, automatic ground compensation, smartfind two dimensional discrimination, advanced digital filtering and depth indicator. Finding targets is improved by modulated non-motion audio.

  • Minelab Safari

This model is a more affordable option and the most favorite among the different Minelab metal detectors. However, although cheaper, it still has four user modes, four detection settings that are preprogrammed and full band spectrum. This model is the standard recommendation for those who are new at metal detecting. One of the best things you can enjoy with this device as a beginner is its digital filtering system that has been preprogrammed and can eliminate trash signals from the ground automatically, in any terrain.

high-tech minelab ctx 3030 metal detector

  • Sovereign Minelab GT

This model is even less expensive than the Safari. It is also very similar in design, it requires manual input using dials and switches. However, it is still a nice metal detector for your money.

  • GPX 4500 Series Minelab Gold Metal Detector

This is considered as the best of all Minelab metal detectors. It offers extreme technology when it comes to locating gold and offers highly advanced features at high level of performance. The GPX 4500 integrates multi period sensing and dual voltage technology with electronic timing alignment. This metal detector has decreased interference and reduced noise level that allows easy utilization.

high standard minelab quattro mp detector

These are the Minelab metal detectors that feature outstanding and state of the art technology, which makes many hobbyists around the world happy.