When it comes to sump pumps, Zoeller pumps are among the elite. This company is one of the oldest privately-owned pump manufacturers in the U.S. with the engineering prowess to boot.  If you’re looking to move clean or wastewater, in a residential or even municipal application, then Zoeller pumps are what you seek. Many of their pump models are capable of passing rather large solids in the water.

Brief Company Background

This family owned company has proudly been in business since the late 1930’s in the pump industry. Their initial product line began with a column sump pump and grew from there. To this day, they are the oldest U.S. pump company that is independently owned.

zoeller pumps aqua-mate model 211

Common Uses And Features

Zoeller pumps are made to withstand the daily rigors of any water movement needs. What is fantastic about this company is their dedication to quality. All their submersible pumps are 100% tested underwater. Zoeller sump pumps have been tested in the same environment and conditions you will most likely be placing it in which gives you great peace of mind.

They accommodate applications such as:

  • Residential Clean Water – Moving water to homeowners in communities is serious business. But so is building pumps in recreational parks for clean drinking water at fountains. Zoeller can accommodate these needs.
  • Residential Waste – The pumping of residential wastewater is no easy chore. By applying their decades of experience to the task, Zoeller can engineer a pump to serve wastewater movement needs.
  • Commercial And Municipal Water – For town and city-level water movement needs, Zoeller pumps offer the perfect solution. The Zoeller sewage pumps can help keep waste moving in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

zoeller dewatering pumps water riddr

The Zoeller pumps distributors around the country can help answer questions about your specific application. Simply contact the Zoeller pumps and accessories authorized dealer or the main company to let them know your specific needs.

model 211 aqua mate submersible pump

Popular Models And Features

There are numerous models and applications for Zoeller pumps. The types of configurations change as scenarios do for the requirement of water pumping and treatment. Below are a couple of the more popular models in metal and plastic housing form.

  • Zoeller Pumps Water Ridd’r III

For 3/8″ spherical solids, these Zoeller pumps are the way to go. Hardware on this unit is stainless steel while the motor housing is a cast iron. With its neoprene seal between motor and cover and enamel finish on the cast iron, you will enjoy this corrosive and leak resistant pump.

  • Zoeller Pumps Aqua-Mate Model 211

This is one of the plastic submersible pumps from Zoeller. It is noncorrosive and highly durable. It will pass 2″ spherical solids and there is no sheet metal on this unit. In terms of dewatering, a 110 degree Fahrenheit temperature is the maximum. The Aqua-Mate comes in non-automatic and automatic models.

automatic zoeller pumps water ridd'r III

Be sure to consult your Zoeller pumps dealer or the company itself about warranty work. Any troubleshooting and repair should be done by a licensed pump service contractor.