Awards refer to a given token, of different appearance, to recognize the good work done by individuals. Awarding the best employees in business helps to improve productivity of all the employees as they seek to get the awards next time. However one needs to choose the right award so as to achieve the intended impact and reward the excellent actions beyond the expectations. Here are some of the most popular kinds of awards offered in different parts of the world.

 amazing catalain vintage figural football trophy


This is perhaps one of the most popular awards as evident by the many events such as international sporting events that reward the champions with trophies. One of the benefits of these awards is that they are easy to display as compared to the other awards such as certificates. However this award is a bit expensive due to the high quality materials used to make the trophies. Ensure that the quality of the materials is high so as to achieve the right purpose. Regular dusting of trophies is a common practice to keep the trophy in good condition and for display purposes.


This is the most common kinds of awards due to its affordability as compared to trophies. In the academic field, certificates are given to students after successful completion of courses. This award can be offered with a medal so as to show more appreciation. Some of the disadvantages of using certificates are that they are more difficult to display as compared to the glass awards or plagues. One can only display them on the wall using a frame.

They are also less valuable since they are usually made from paper products unlike the trophies that are usually made from high quality materials. The value of certificates is a proof of a successful completion of a certain program or course. This is very beneficial when looking for a job to add more credibility to the applicant. So far, there have been no reports of people bringing trophies during their application.


This is one of the best awards for display and show recognition for hard word and good deeds. One of the benefits of this kinds of awards is they are not limited to being displayed on the walls. One can display them on desks or shelves and due to their elegant and classy look, they can complement the general appearance of the office or apartment. In an office setting they can be used as a proof of credibility and professionalism to the clients.

typical gold medal


Medals is one of the most common kinds to awards being given to any accomplishments. The word medal is always synonymous with awards. Medals can be bought in bulk thus making them very affordable; however, there are those that are customized. Custom medals are very suitable to specifically portray the achievement of an individual.

All kinds of awards have their own set of pros and cons hence it’s important to compare the short term and long term benefits before settling on a particular award. It is very important to formulate a budget estimate that comprehensively covers the total costs to be incurred. There is hardly any better way to express gratitude other than awarding people of their hard work.