Recent development in technology has enabled companies to produce electronic dart boards. The best electronic dart board types come preprogrammed with a variety of game unlike the traditional dart boards where arbiters are the ones taking note of the scores and tallying them. These electronic boards have built-in computers that take note how the players fare on the currently played game. These dart boards, unlike traditional ones made from sisal fibers or cork, are made from plastic facings that have small holes. These holes are slanted out allowing the darts, which are also plastic-tipped, to stick inside. The section that the dart hits will make contact with a metal plate which ultimately tells the computer the score based on its location.

original viper x- teme electronic dart board

Basic Scoring

The modern game of darts has a standard scoring system based on the 20 main divisions on the board. These divisions are numbered from 1 to 20 and subdivided further into 3 sections, the singles doubles and triples. Below are the basic scoring types:

arachnid galaxy II commercial grade arcade dart board

  • Landing the darts in any of the large portions in the numbered sections scores that point. These portions are normally colored black and white alternately.
  • Landing the darts in the thin inner portions, which are almost midway from the sides going to the center, scores a triple or 3 times the value of that division’s value. These portions are normally colored red and green alternately.
  • Landing the darts in the thin outer portions that borders the playing area, scores double the value of that division. These portions are also colored red and green alternately.
  • The central circle is also divided in two sections. The outer ring which is colored green and also called the outer bull is worth 25 points. The inner ring on the other hand, which is colored red and simply known as the bull, is worth 50 points.
  • Landing the darts outside the playing area scores no point.
  • The darts should remain on the board until the player collects them. Otherwise, the dart that falls off or bounces off the board will not be counted as well. This rule does not apply to electronic dart boards which counts the scores of darts that have bounces or fallen off.
  • The dart only gets the point when it is embedded on the playing surface or at least touching it. No point is awarded to a dart that is only held in place by other darts and not touching the board surface.

arachnid dartronic 300 dartboard with heckler feature

Dart Games

There are several variants to the game of darts but the most commonly played are the traditional 501 and 301.  These games involve 3 darts that are thrown in succession per player’s turn. The scores on each turn are subtracted from the total depending on the game being played. The player that reaches exactly zero first with the final dart landing either in the bullseye or a double section wins the game. Other popular games being played according to several electronic dart board reviews are listed below:

  • Audio Darts – This type is a variant of the traditional game but is played using blindfolds. Commonly played by people who are visually impaired, a talking electronic dart board is utilized to facilitate scoring and taking turns.
  • Cricket – This game involves a race in capturing the numbers between 20 and 15 as well as the bullseye. This is done by hitting the target 3 times each.
  • Killer – The killer darts game is another variant where 2 or more players knock each other out of the game. The main goal here is to capture your assigned number 5 times to become a killer and target other opponent’s numbers.

advance halex millenia 5.0 electric dart board with cabinet

These are just some of the more popular games being played in traditional dart boards as well as the electronics ones. You can use either of them though an electronic one is more convenient. Also, electronics boards usually are sturdy enough to withstand normal wear and tear. Minor problems like parts replacements or basic troubleshooting can easily be ordered or consulted online and does not need any extensive electronic dart board repair to be conducted.