Strictly speaking, all kinds of flowers can be considered as popular, depending on the usage that they are intended for. There is no flower that is neglected, especially if you are creating a flower arrangement. Every flower is used in a part of an arrangement based on the occasion that it is intended for. However, there are popular flowers that are better known than the others, especially if quality and price is considered. Some are so priced that they are only used to grace special occasions meant for dignitaries.

Here is a list of the most popular flowers in terms of their value as decorations and for gardens and landscapes:

·        Rose

Roses are popular flowers for love and romance, not to mention edible. In almost all kinds of special occasions, roses can be seen as the main décor in an arrangement or used as decorative ornaments. There are various colors that are available and each is ascribed a special meaning. This is the reason why roses are typically seen as tokens of every occasion. Roses are also one of the most popular wedding flowers all over the world.

top 10 popular flowers

·        Lily

Consistently included in the most popular types of flowers, the lily has a very strong scent. This makes it common for people to use lilies for sympathy tributes. However, although there are people who appreciate its strong fragrance, there are those who dislike the lily, especially people with allergies. These factors need to be considered if you are thinking of using lilies.

·        Tulip

Tulips are popular flowers for people who are in love. The tulip signifies charity, fame and the perfect lover. When a man is in love with a woman, a red tulip is offered to declare his undying affection.

lilies the most popular flowers

·        Orchids

Another kind of flower that is associated with love, refinement and beauty, the many varieties of orchids are frequently used in bouquets and as decorations. In China, the orchid is used as a symbol for children.

·        Sunflower

A large blossom that attracts the attention of useful insects easily, this flower is favored by home gardeners since it brings honeybees and butterflies into their landscape. Also, the seeds of the sunflower are edible and a source of high quality oil.

the most popular wedding flowers

·        Carnation

Aside from being considered as among the more popular types of flowers around, carnations are also edible and used in the 17th century for making French Liquor. There are various colors available that are ascribed different meanings. However, carnations are generally considered as a sign of health, strength and affection.

·        Gardenia

Like roses, gardenias are popular flowers for people who are in love. Gardenias are also great for combining with other flowers in an arrangement intended for various occasions.

the most popular types of flowers for wedding

·        Marigold

The marigold is considered as a great companion plant in a garden since it is known to repel insects. It is able to prevent destructive pests from invading a garden because its odor is hated by insects. Take note that marigold symbolizes jealousy, grief and cruelty so be careful not to include this flower when sending flowers to a friend.

A flower’s popularity depends on several factors. The season, location, price, availability and several other factors affect a flower’s popularity. No matter what flower you preferred to use or give just make sure it is appropriate for the occasion.