No matter what the occasion, a good dress is always right and it always makes an impression. This is why every woman should be on the lookout for the most popular dress styles especially when they are shopping for occasions like Homecoming. A good dress will never go unnoticed especially if it flatters the figure of the wearer. Going for what is in trend right now is also a very wise decision, as it will ensure that you look fashionable. When it comes to dresses, the following are the most popular styles and if well worn, they are bound to make an impression in any event.

classic contrast a-line tank dress

Examples of Popular Dress Styles

  • A-Line Dresses

Apart from being very flattering on the legs, A line dresses are great. Whether long or short, they can be easily accessorized and look great for every body shape. However, if they are above the knee, they look best as they are mostly full of linings with a full skirt made of organza. They are the Cinderella dresses and they really look nice especially for girls who are not shy in showing off some leg. This is one of the most popular dress styles especially because it looks both formal and casual at the same time.

  • Ball Gowns

If you want a good dress for the prom night or homecoming, this is your perfect choice and it’s the most popular dress styles for such an occasion. Ball gowns never cease to amaze and they are always going to be the best dresses for formal occasions. This is one of the most cute homecoming dresses that you can ever choose. Get a dress that is good for your skin color and run with it. Since you can wear your hair up and accessorize with a lot of jewelry, go easy on print and instead choose plain colors with just a little detail.

  • Little Black Dress

Apart from being one of the most popular dress styles, this is what should never lack in any woman’s wardrobe. Not only are black dresses very good for all occasions, they are also a sign of elegance. Apart from that, it is a lifesaver because any time you don’t know what to wear or you are not in the mood to get all dressed up, it is a perfect solution. Black is flattering on every skin color and it is easy to accessorize because you can wear any type of jewelry.

  • The Empire Waist

This is the perfect solution to cute homecoming dresses. The empire waist is always great because it accentuates a tiny waist and minimizes a thick one. Whether you are a good size ten or size fourteen, you will always be safe with this dress. It is also very feminine and should be worn alone without other add-ons. The empire waist is a solution to all occasions because it makes an hourglass illusion and makes the wearer more noticeable.

original calvin klein pintucked empire waist dress

These are some of the most popular dress styles and they are perfect for homecoming. They are also great if you are undecided on what to wear or are shopping in a hurry. So pick one now that suits your style and preference.