Casual days call for casual suits like the comfortable Izod shirts. You have seen Izod as one of the dominant shirt companies today. Because of their comfy style and classic designs, Izod has been in the market for almost nine decades now. They have been continually worn by thousands and millions of people all over the world. The craftsmanship is so sturdy and well tailored. Their designs would run for a long time if not forever because of the simple smooth lines and classic cuts.

No wonder, Izod is still one of the best companies to produce top rated shirts. And despite all their accomplishment as one of the top companies for this line, Izod continues to expand and develop wide range of new product lines. From Izod shirts, they have extended their line to shoes, perfume and other leather accessories.

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Brief History: Getting To Know Izod Well

Jack Izod is a well-respected tailor in London. He was known for creating well-tailored shirts. He even created the Windsor knot for King George V. During the 1930’s, he encountered an American businessman in the name of Vincent de Paul Draddy. Draddy asked him for the rights of his well-respected name as brand name for the new shirt business he was venturing that time.  Izod gave that opportunity to Draddy since he was about to retire that time. So in 1938, the A.J. Izod Clothing of London was brought to America making the beginnings of Izod shirts.

From 1952 to 1993, Izod was merged with Lacoste. This merging brought out the name Izod shirts. They have enjoyed great dominance during this time. They were able to create the ‘preppy look’ concept that became the ‘80s rave for casual fashion at that time. It was on this time that they extended their products to other fashion necessities such as perfume, sunglasses, shoes, watches, belts and some other leather accessories.

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But just like any other pedestal achieved in the market, some have to step down to give chance for other new fashion ideas to reign. This happened to Izod as well. As both Izod and Lacoste observed how hard it was to maintain the market, they decided to stop their merge and go on to different paths. Lacoste concentrated on being a luxury brand while Izod aim to cater to the middle class with their affordable apparel prices. Since their separation, they were bought by two different companies. Lacoste was bought by Sportloisirs S.A. and Philipps Van Huesen Corporation bought Izod. PVH had given a new logo for Izod which is the crest. IZ is also one variation of the Izod logo. Izod polo shirts, the well known Izod product line, have logo crests embroidered on the pocket with colors matching the polo shirt.

And up to this date, Izod continues to be one of the top brands producing the best quality casual wear in the market.

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Popular Design And Styles

Izod popularized the preppy look since 1950’s. The best known Izod product is the short-sleeved polo which had gained many wearers even during its partnership with Lacoste in 1950’s. Other popular designs are the Izod dress shirts which give women a sporty yet very feminine look and also G-9 Harrington jacket and V-neck sweaters and hoodies. And with all its styles, Izod shirts always kept its well-tailored look and comfortable design.

Fashion And Wearing Tips

Izod is the euphemism for elegance in a casual wear. It is known for the comfort it can provide to its wearers. However, comfort does not mean lousy wear. There are many ways that you can wear Izod to maximize its casual style.

  • Izod polo shirt can be worn on a casual day. It can also be an office wear or as an under shirt of a corporate jacket.
  • Izod shirts for men are sporty. You can wear it as a golf shirt because it has a classy taste.
  • Izod dress shirts are best worn with Izod tennis shoes. Flats and even flip-flops on a very laidback mode.
  • Izod also has a line for kids and toddlers. They offer trendy designs of shirts, shorts and hoodies. Most of the time, they come in three piece matching sets.

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Izod’s history is a story of success and dominance in its given genre. The decades of popularity of the Izod shirts was evidence enough to show that it can satisfy the basic necessities of the consumer since the day it was introduced. Izod shirts are truly what it is, the most elegant casual wear for all times.