For sportsmen and athletes of different sports, having the correct amount of electrolytes, fluids, carbohydrates and sodium is important. This is the reason why sports drinks became a very important component of sportsman kit. Water is not just enough to replace what the body loses in an intense and prolonged physical activity. These specialized drinks, which are sometimes referred to as energy drinks are very popular with the public and can be found being sold almost everywhere.

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Popular Sports Drinks

Here are some of the popular sports drinks available in the market.

  • Gatorade

Perhaps the best known sports drink in the United States, the brand is now starting to make appearances in several nations under license. Gatorade may be the most popular for the Gatorade cooler being dumped over triumphant coaches in the NBA and American football. Although the brand can now be bought in a lot of countries, the genuine beverage with all its flavors is usually available only in the US or from special stockists on the internet.

  • Lucozade

This energy drink started life as a fizzy drink that is orange colored and marketed to be capable of restoring glucose and hydration to the body quickly. Since it was introduced to the public, it has developed into a bigger range of nutrition products and sports drinks.  These include Lucozade Energy and Lucozade Sports, which are all offering various health benefits not just for the sportsman but for the general consumer.

  • Red Bull

This energy drink is full of amino acids, vitamin B complex, caffeine, glucose and carbohydrate. Drinking this sport drink guarantees that you will at least be widely awake and ready for any action.

  • Monster Energy

This brand has a lot of similarities with Red Bull. Monster Energy targets the extreme sports crowd, people who enjoy living to the extremes and rock bands. However, basically the sport drink is just a more aggressive substitute to Red Bull. The ingredients are similar but Monster Energy mixed them with natural fruit juice and ginseng.

  • Powerade

Very similar to Gatorade and Lucozade, Powerade is an isotonic drink that is specially designed to aid sports people and athletes keep their bodies hydrated and maintain their levels of electrolytes and sodium. As with other energy drinks; the brand is available in a wide selection of flavors which include tropical fruits and berry, orange and cherry. The latest addition to the Powerade energy drinks is the Powerade Zero, which does not contain any calories.

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These are just some of the popular sports drinks available in the market. There are numerous other brands that targets similar crowds.