Among the essentials of women who are gifted with relatively larger breasts or those who have gained extra weight is the plus size bustier. A bustier is primarily used to enhance the look of the breast when wearing gowns or dresses.

But if a bustier is used to increase or enhance the look of the breast, why are plus sizes still needed by most “gifted” women? The answer lies on the subsequent functions of a bustier; they are also used to support plus size breasts and to provide a slimmer shape for the waist similar to the functions of traditional corsets.

trendy plus size bustier

Noted Brands For Plus Size Bustier Lingerie

  • Seven Til Midnight

The brand specializes in the production of lingerie and other sexy and elegant feminine costumes. The brand is noted for creating wide ranges of designs featuring bold, eye-catching, and sexy colors. And these lingerie pieces are tailored from durable materials that would provide that needed support.

  • Dreamgirl

Another lingerie brand that creates bustier products for bigger women is Dreamgirl. Aside from the very sexy and appealing design of each lingerie piece, most of the bustier or corsets are flexible enough to be worn or paired with any other kinds of dresses or to plus size bustier tops. It is made possible by making use of much lighter and softer clothing materials.

rainbow sequin plus size bustier corset top

  • Icollection

Icollection produces more than the usual when it comes to bustier designs. Unlike the other two brands, Icollection integrates functionality with each piece of its lingerie line. If there is a bustier intended to make you look sexier, there are also styles that are considered essential to certain events like wedding, balls, cocktails, etc.

  • Elegant Moments

Elegant Moments provides the choice or alternative for women whether they want to look sexy, naughty, or perhaps, more wholesome when wearing a plus size bustier. Aside from the usual one-piece or two-piece bustier underwear, the brand also creates styles that feature miniskirts or extended shorts.

plus size strapless bustier

 Common Types Of Bustiers

Bustiers are the modern day corsets and most of the styles and designs available in the market can be classified as either of the following types.

  • The Under-Bust. This type of bustier has the main purpose of ensuring a slim and curvy waist aside from providing that needed breast support. Just like conventional corset, it is designed shorter covering only the lower parts of the breasts. A plus size bustier corset belongs to this category.
  • The Over-Bust. Contrary to the under-bust type, the over-bust covers both the waist and the breast. This extended length on top provides more enhancing effect for the breast. A common example is the plus size strapless bustier which most women wear to achieve that sexy hourglass look.
  • The Long Bustier. Common bustier only covers the mid-section part of the body. But there is also a type of plus size bustier which extends to the legs or to the shoulders. The tops or straps extend to the shoulder. On the other hand, there are longer styles that feature a stocking or legging-like feature.
  • The Outerwear Bustier. All the first three types of bustier mentioned above are essentially types of underwear. But fashion designers have now developed sexy bustier outfits that can be worn on their own without complementary dresses. An outerwear bustier usually has lower extensions either in the form of shorts, skirts, or mini-skirts.

plus size jacquard print mesh ruffle bustier

The availability of a plus size bustier only means that every woman whether slim or “chubby” has a chance to look and feel sexy. But when wearing a bustier, it is always essential to ensure comfort, provision for the needed breast and back support, and that the color, style, and design fits or makes you even more beautiful and sexy.