Polo shirts are a very popular style of shirts worn today. These shirts are also known as golf shirts or tennis shirts, and they are t shaped, with a collar and buttons that run down their front side till somewhere half way through the chest. Polo shirts are made of knitted rather than woven cloth and most popular material used in their making today is cotton.

modern fashion classic short sleeve for men

History of Polo Shirt

Polo shirts were first worn in 19th and early 20th century especially by tennis players during matches. Back then, these shirts had long sleeves, no collars and with no buttons thus posing a great challenge to players. A famous tennis player then decided to design the current polo shirts for the game to make it easier for players to do their thing. He launched it in US championship games in 1926. On retiring in 1933, Lacoste began producing these shirts for all to wear. Back then, polo shirts had uses as listed below;

  • As uniform for tennis and golf players
  • Protecting the player’s necks from being burnt by sun due to its collar

Common Use of Polo Shirts Today

Polo shirts are being customised in large numbers today. Their customisation involves printing of business mottos, printing of product images as well as writing of individuals’ names on them. This is because custom polo shirts are mainly used for product or business endorsements, and are mainly worn as uniforms for shop attendants as well as waiters. These shirts are available in various designs and colours based on request. These shirts offer a unique presentation of products and services during marketing and, therefore, come in all sizes for men women as well as children. Currently, polo shirts are used for different purposes as shown below:

  • They are worn in non official contexts that do not allow t shirts
  • For outside manual jobs due to its rugged nature
  • As everyday wear

worlds classy polo shirt nautica

Polo shirts for men are naturally expected to have bolder and a more distinct form of customisation as compared to polo shirts for women and children.  Men are the frequent users of this clothing style thus opening for many ways of designs. Basically the main idea of these shirts is for men to wear it so when women wears one, the detail is meant for women as well.

Anvil shirts are a leading brand in manufacture of polo shirts. This brand avails polo shirts in a variety of colours, sizes and styles, and all these shirts are made of durable cotton making them good quality. Anvil brand also avails cheap polo shirts by virtue of selling them on whole sale at discounted prices.  Cheap polo shirts can also be obtained from sales in leading distributors’ stalls.

Polo shirts could be matched with jeans for an informal occasion, or worn with formal pants to semi formal work places. The range of wearing these shirts is wide which make it a standard member of every man’s wardrobe.