Hats have become symbolic and iconic for many people. Clothing labels and emblems have also resembled class and position. In the case of the Polo hats, the company founded by Ralph Lauren, it has stumbled upon a valuable clothing item that has a specific representation for the wearer. By choosing what you put on in the morning, even down to what accessories you choose, you portray a message to the public of who you are, what you like, and what type of personality you possess. There are all different styles of Polo hats that offer you the many different styles you need in order to feel like a unique individual.

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Types of Polo Hats

  • Polo Hats for Men: This type of hats resembles ball caps. It is in one solid color with the Polo logo on the front of the cap. The emblem is that of a Polo player on horseback. Polo hats cross youth, ethnic and genre barriers. This is a symbol of the polo company and an indicator of the person wearing it. It is an all-purpose hat, worn almost anywhere and at any time.

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  • Polo Winter Hats: The younger hat enthusiasts have found a way to distinguish themselves through this type of hats. These hats are in a knit cap or beanie styles. It would imply that these are worn in the winter, but that is not necessarily true in every case. Often and throughout the year, young people can be seen wearing these knit caps for fashion. They show their independence and avant-garde attitude toward themselves, their culture and society.

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  • Polo Snapback Hats: Probably to the most extreme side of fashion are the polo snapback hats. The polo snapback hat is an example of the type of hat defining the person wearing it. It is an oversized ball cap with an enlarged bill. It is mostly worn by those wanting to identify with the gangster culture prevalent in America today.

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Often as individuals, we are enamored with trying to be or represent something that is different than our reality. This is true mostly with teenagers, considering their developmental stage at the moment. Sometimes people that have learned to identify with the gangster lifestyle depicted in so many music videos and video games will dress in the same fashion as these shows. The type of Ralph Lauren Polo hats all signify something specific in the heart of the one sporting them. However, these hats are not only inclined to those with needs to be defined in a group. Many young professionals choose this brand because of its comfort, reliability and quality products.

What we wear helps to define who we are to others around us. We pay careful attention to what others see in us. We spend valuable time getting ready for our day looking and deciding what we are going to wear. The main reason for this is because we know that what we wear denotes something about us, like the Polo hats. The perceptive individual will realize this fact and be conscientious about how they represent themselves to others.