With temperatures heating up, sunglass designers found a way on how to ensure the best eye protection for their customers. These designers gave birth to polarized sunglasses. What are polarized sunglasses? These are glasses that have special filters that block the intense light from flat, bare surfaces or smooth waters in order to reduce the glare and haze. However, these polarized glasses are not appropriate for snow sports or flying and reduce the ability to see thing with LCDs (liquid crystal displays) cellular phones and ATM screens.

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Polarized sunglasses are also known as polarized fishing sunglasses since they were commonly used by fishermen to protect their eyes from the reflection of water. Nowadays, there are used by almost all people regardless of profession and jobs to protect them while they are involved in outdoors activities.  Below are some factors that make polarized sunglasses different and unique from other types of sunglasses.

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  • Polarized sunglasses have anti-reflective coatings. Their polarizers are vertically oriented; hence, they are able to counteract horizontally oriented light causing the glare to be filtered.
  • They enhance visual acuity and color contrast allowing the wearer to see color more vividly.
  • Lessens eye strains and squinting
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Comfortable and attractive at the same time
  • These glasses can be used in eliminating those annoying lights reflected on the cars before you. Their windows, roof and doors are slanted towards you, hence, the polarized sunglasses will work well for this situation.
  • With the right angle, polarized sunglasses allow the wearers to see objects below the surface of the water like fishes since they reduce the blinding effect of water.

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Below are some questions and considerations you should think about when purchasing polarized sunglasses.

  • What color are you looking for? Will dark colors or light colors be good on you?
  • What is your budget limit for these glasses? Budget usually dictates the quality of sunglasses that you are going to purchase.
  • What brand are you looking for? Once you know what brand you want, it will be easier for you to know the right store to search for them. The top brands that offer the best polarized sunglasses are Oakley, Bolle and Solar Shield. Solar shield sunglasses have used polarization technology since 1979. These glasses are best for activities like fishing, biking and a lot of outdoor activities.

Find out the best polarized sunglasses that will help you see the world in a clearer way. 

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