Contrary to common knowledge, plus size thongs are not only used by women with extra weight but also for ladies who have larger buttocks or hip sizes. In fact, some people, especially men, consider women having larger buttocks sexier than ladies with a flatter butt size.

For those who are unfamiliar with thongs, it is merely a type of underwear with a few unique distinctions. Thongs, unlike the common underwear, have smaller coverings particularly on their back portions. Hence, instead of spanning around to fully cover the buttocks, it only features a small piece of cloth covering vital parts in the groin.

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Some of the Popular Brands of Plus Size Thongs

A lot of ladies have a hard time searching for thongs for plus size women since most lingerie manufacturers only cater to the average size. It is a good thing that the following brands also cater to such need and produce a huge line of plus size lingerie.

  • Hanky Panky. Perhaps the most popular lingerie brand especially for the plus size needs of women is Hanky Panky. The brand produces several styles and designs of larger sized thongs but the most popular are its colorful plus size lace thongs. These thongs have great designs and are very much comfortable to wear. Most of the thongs have sexier low rise curves as well.
  • Seven ‘til Midnight. Another popular brand is Seven ‘til Midnight. Its best offerings are the plus size cotton thongs that ensure comfort when worn. Most of the thongs have cute and sexy designs, and there is still a high level of wholesomeness or “limited peek” when the thongs are worn.
  • iCollection Lingerie. The plus size thongs of iCollection lingerie is also popular especially those that feature laces and other bikini accents. Unlike other thong brands, it is not too bold and vulgar yet still maintaining that cute and sexy look.

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Common Types of Plus Size Thongs

Both the regular and the plus size thongs are classified as either one of the following.

  • T-Back. One of the popular and widely used types of thongs is the T-back. As its name suggests the back portion of the underwear takes the form or shape of the letter T. The underwear provides sufficient cover and protection in front, but only a smaller piece of cloth covering the buttocks.
  • G String. The G-string type of thongs are considered more revealing compared to the T-back. With the G-string, there is only a small piece of cloth used to cover the female genitals. The back portion merely consists of elastic strings or laces use to hold the thong in place and cover only the center of the buttocks.
  • Lace Thongs. Lace thongs are considered one of the wholesome types of larger-sized thongs. Unlike the T-back and the G-string, lace thongs are tailored similar to regular underwear or bikinis which provide enough covering for the female genitals and the buttocks. These are also the types that can be designed in several ways.
  • Net Thongs. The net type is a unique and distinctive type of plus size thongs. These thongs have designs similar to nets which feature several holes or openings which exposes the skin underneath.

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Tips When Buying Larger-Sized Thongs

  1. Choose a thong size that is suitable to your waist and hips.
  2.  Try to initially research for boutiques or specialty stores that sell plus-sized lingerie.
  3. Choose a thong design or style that you desire, but only opt for those that you can wear confidently.
  4. Choose for pieces that are durable, have no loose threads, or made out of quality materials.
  5. Try to look for a good deal with cheap plus size thongs.

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With the availability of plus sized thongs, there is no longer a reason why you cannot wear one and try to achieve a sexier look and much more confident attitude not only at home but elsewhere.