A plug in wall sconce is a type of lighting fixture that, as the name suggests, is installed directly onto the walls of a home. They can be put up anywhere and at any height on a vertical wall space. Wall sconces are being preferred by more and more people these days because of the sheer variety of styles and designs available for them. One can pick from metallic, glass, ceramic, plastic and even wooden wall sconces. They help meet functional requirements of providing lighting in the house while also beautifying the area where they have been put up.

plug in wall sconce lighting fixture

Although it is possible to place plug in wall sconces anywhere where there is an electrical connection in the wall and suitable place for driving in nails, the general positioning that is followed in most houses is that of installing them at a three quarters distance from the floor. This way, there is enough space for the light to be scattered toward the ceiling and subsequently throughout the room.

plug in wall sconce lighting

Traditionally, electric wall sconces were made in such a way so that they would be open at the top. However, these days, there are many contemporary designs to choose from including those that are closed on all sides and some feature translucent or transparent materials that allow light to be scattered easily on all sides. One can even pick up conventional top open wall sconces to adorn the walls of the house.

plug in wall lamps for bedroom

Plug in wall sconce lighting can also be picked up in different varieties some of which have light adjusters that can control the intensity of light in an area. There are also plug in wall lamps available for purchase that feature knobs that can be turned in the required direction to increase or decrease the light being emitted from them. So, one can opt for dim or even bright lighting depending on one’s mood and the occasion. The trend these days is to fit plug in wall sconces with incandescent lights. However, one can opt for a variety in the lights being installed by opting for green, blue or other colorful lights. These are specially preferred in areas where one frequently entertains guests or even in kids’ rooms.

electric wall sconces with plug

There are many different companies that manufacture plug in wall sconces. The quality of these lighting fixtures must be paid due attention to before a purchase is made. The plug in wall sconces that are being bought must be easily maintained with a certain amount of dusting at periodic intervals. Also, one needs to ensure that they are being mounted at a sufficient height especially if they are made of fragile and delicate materials like porcelain or glass so as to ensure that they do not break.