The plinth heater is a kind of electric room heater that is one of the most efficient methods of making your life more comfortable during cold seasons. Also called a baseboard heater or kick board, it is very easy to install and to use because of its small size. The heater can be placed anywhere in the house but usually, people put them under baseboards, cabinets and other areas that are most convenient in heating a room. The small heater can take some time to heat up a particular room but it is efficient and can help you save on energy.

central heating plinth heater

The plinth heater is placed in the floor area of a room to provide a constant and typically, fan circulated heating. This is because heat goes up. When it is generated at the floor level, the temperature in the entire room will eventually go up as well. Thus, such a heater is a great way of providing additional heat to your home. Most plinth heaters are made to be inconspicuous and designed in a way that will make them look appropriate with the baseboards. If you are living in an area where there is limited space, getting this kind of heater is recommended since it does not take up plenty of space.

space saving electric plinth heater

One of the areas in the house that would be great for the plinth heater is the kitchen. This is because there are plenty of dead spaces under kitchen appliances, which are perfect for a kitchen plinth heater. If you already have a central heating system, you can make use of hydronic plinth heaters in the same way as you do with conventional panel radiators. You can then utilize a fan to blow the heat into your kitchen area. However, while plinth heaters can be used in most areas of the house, you should not place one in a bathroom or any area where the heater can get in touch with water.

space saver dual hydronic electric plinth

Aside from the already mentioned advantages, a plinth heater is also inexpensive to install, as it does not require insulation, regular maintenance and ductwork. It is also perfect for creating additional heat in a room if the current system proves insufficient. Plinth heaters are very safe and cannot be knocked over or hit by somebody like a portable heater. They do require occasional cleaning though to keep the vents free from dust and other debris.

dimplex hydronic central heating plinth heater

While some people may find them ugly, most of the plinth heaters that are on the market at present have been designed to fit into any interior without being too obvious. Majority of the designs have grates that can be painted with the same color as the baseboard or wall. They can thus blend in well with any decoration and because they are small, people may not notice them at all.

In addition, plinth heaters can also be purchased at great prices online, making them perfect if you are working on a tight budget. The capacity and model of the plinth heater would make prices variable of course, but nevertheless, they are always affordable for everybody.