In the earlier days, golf was a game more related with middle aged men than the young ones. But today, everything has changed. Golf is now a well known sport for all people. In playing golf, an enthusiast should have proper accessories to be able to swing and move nicely. Golfing sunglasses are important for golf players since the game is played in an open ground where sunlight shines directly over the players.

Sporty Golfing sunglasses

Along with its primary function, golfing sunglasses are also considered as a fashionable accessory, with regular customers’ buying judgment possibly influenced by what famous golf players are using. Golfing sunglasses brands such as Oakley, Rudy Project, Bolle, Nike and Adidas are available in different models specially made to secure golf players from the dangerous ultra violet rays of the sun and also, make them appear in good stance for the cameras. In buying golfing sunglasses, a purchaser needs to see which one contains the ability to block UVA and UVB lights.

Recommended Features of Golfing Sunglasses

Golfing sunglasses featuring a high nanometer rating is a premium choice because it would be best at blocking UV rays from sun. It also has the ability to improve contrast and high depth perception which are important when making a target spot. In this case, golfing sunglasses with yellow lenses are highly advisable. The yellow tinted golfing sunglasses are popular for successfully improving the differences in the grain and surface, and assisting the golf players in determining the difference in terrain and slope.

Another essential feature which golfing sunglasses must contain is a 180-degree vision. Certain models now contain this attribute which let golf players see the line of putt by the lens without lifting the head. Popular sunglasses with that kind of vision are those with swept back lenses or wrap lenses. Rimless sunglasses are ideal among golf players because these glasses let the players view down the ball without any distraction by the rim glasses’ sight.

How to Choose the Right Golfing Sunglasses

  • Golfing sunglasses can range from 30 to 300 dollars based on the features and brand. When choosing golfing sunglasses, it is better to look for protection than its cost.
  • There are lots of good sunglasses available in the market these days. Cocoon sunglasses are one of the brands popular in the demand for protective sunglasses. These sunglasses will entirely separate your eyes from objects. The patented designs supply 360 units of UV protection and are found in different sizes and shapes which can be used over prescription glasses or used like conventional sunglasses.
  • When wearing Cocoon sunglasses, your eyes will experience a relaxed feeling. It helps remove the distracting glare and let you concentrate on playing golf. The patented frames secure your eyes from UV rays, blocking sunlight, wind, glare, and rain. These sunglasses are scratch resistant and are able to supply full protection against dangerous rays.

Fit Over Cocoon sunglasses

  • When buying, measure the height and width of the prescribed frame to find golfing sunglasses such as Cocoon sunglasses which suits you best. All kinds of Cocoon sunglasses are designed with polarized lenses, thus, eyestrain is minimized.