They say a plastic bag holder is a grocery lover’s best friend. Visiting a grocery especially the farmers’ market has always been fun and food for the soul. Browsing through fresh produce and carrying home healthy foodstuff engulfs you with a warm feeling of contentment, just like shopping for clothes. This is however not the final thing, as it is also very overwhelming trying to balance the bags from the market.

A nice holder is in a position to carry up to 45 pounds of your grocery. It helps you transport bags with ease. You can use it to the market especially when collecting purchases from different vendors. The holder happens to be very handy for use when walking up the stairs or even when riding.

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How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic bag holders are very convenient. You can even use the holder in your garage, when in park or at the beach, just place it somewhere conspicuous for everyone to use. It is a perfect reminder for those around you to be responsible for their refuse.

There are many methods in making a strong environmental friendly plastic bag holder. All you require is letting your imagination and creative drive crazy. With the holders, you can make wall decorations that belong perfectly to the theme of your kitchen. Here are four simple ways of making a plastic bag holder:

best plastic bag holder pattern

  • With a towel

  • With a sock

  • With fabric

  • With a plastic bottle or any other recyclable material

Tutorial on How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder

  • Get a piece of fabric and cut about 11 by 28 inches. These dimensions will give you a fairly long and narrow plastic bag holder.

  • On both ends (11’’ one), create a casing. On the ironing board, place the piece of cloth right side down and fold 1’’ edge and iron it. Then unfold the crease and make another crease, which is about a quarter inch from the edge.

best fabric fabric plastic bag holder

  • Then refold the first crease while the second one is still in place. This creates the casing, use the casing edge about 1/8 inch far from the fold.

  • Since the fabric is still flat with no side seam, this is the time to decorate with plastic bag holder pattern. Select anything of your choice from buttons, ribbons and put it anywhere you like.

  • The next step is creating a handle. You can either use a twill tape or a ribbon or even get a matching piece of cloth of the bag.

  • Trim any excess fabric from the edge to create a straight edge. You can use a serger if you have one.

  • Turn the bag inside out and you will be done. Enjoy using it.

easy tips on how to make a plastic bag holder

Fabric Plastic Bag Holder

This is a homemade and simple fabric plastic bag holder, which is a perfect eco friendly craftwork for beginner sewers. All you need to make a gorgeous and colorful bag holder is just the ability to make a straight line.

There are very many ways, styles of making this fabric plastic bag holder cute. They are all meant to suit your needs and taste. The most popular style is adding some handles to the holder. Enjoy your new plastic bag holder and proudly carry your eco-friendly plastic bag holder on your shoulder to the local grocery store.