Pixie boots is another fashion trend in the shoe industry that has been a rave for the past few months. They come in a few different styles and several designers came up with their very own twist on this classic shoe. You can tell a pixie boot or shoe from one and the other by the ankle style, pointed toe, and a fold over top. They are often made out of suede and like many popular shoes come in a wide range of prices and are available in several stores where they can be purchased. Whether you are looking for a pair of pixie boots or pixie shoes, you are presented with your choice of color and prices that will fit your budget.

womens black pixie boot

You can find Jeffrey Campbell pixie boot for sale at many fine retailers at shopping malls. Or you can find them at online retailers like Amazon and eBay. On Amazon you can find the Jeffrey Campbell pixie high heel bootie that comes in black. EBay has the pixie tie boots or just plain pixie boots for sale. The difference between Jeffrey Campbell take and what others have done is that most of his pixie boots do not have the fold down top, but they sport the pointed toe and look great with just about anything in your wardrobe.

tan brogue flat lace ankle pixie boots

Maybe you do not want to wear pixie boots and would prefer to wear pixie shoes instead. There are quite a few to choose from and you can get something vintage or more modern. Your best bet would be to search on eBay for a pair of pixie shoes. Here you can find some nice suede pixie shoes or go with the old style called granny pixie shoes. They sport the same pointed toe and fold down top, and depending on what you are getting you can get them in leather or suede. They do have some price range from low to high and as usual depends solely on the designer or shoe maker that produced the pixie shoe.

newest womens brogue leather pixie boot

So you got your pixie boots and got them for a fairly great deal. They look beautiful and you’re enthusiastic about wearing it, then you got to wonder, how to wear pixie boots? Well it’s simple. You can wear them with just about anything that you have in your closet today. They go great with a pair of jeans and t-shirt or maybe you have a nice skirt and blouse. No matter what you have in your closet, you can match it with a great looking pair of pixie boots or shoes. There are even some people that will wear their pixie shoes with some tight black pants and blouse.

jeffrey campbell pixie zip leather black

If you are in the market for a pair of pixie boots or shoes you have plenty of options available to you. Check at the local mall at your favorite shoe store, or go to some online retailers for home delivery. Pixie boots go with just about any piece of clothing you have and will look good no matter how old they might be.