Pink Tartan is a very distinct clothing line. Kimberley Newport-Mimran, the president and founder of the brand, describes her brand as classic, comfortable, and modern. Pink Tartan pieces are very eye-catching where it brings out the naturally beauty of women. It is common to see menswear shirting that’s designed for women. It gives women a very strong impression without compromising femininity. Pink Tartan clothing always gives the classic a modern twist, easily making the brand one of the most beloved clothing lines for women. The women of Pink Tartan are always elegant, powerful, and sophisticated. The brand has its unique way of conceptualizing power dressing. Power dressing with Pink Tartan can be casual, preppy, girly, and glamorous.

simple yet stunning dress by pink tartan

The Pink Tartan dress is proof that Pink Tartan has an individual take on almost everything. Pink Tartan’s little black dress is sleek and sexy. They have a little black dress that’s made of silk jersey. They have several dresses with the hip-snug engineering, creating an illusion of a slender mid-section. Moreover, it has a deep-V front, drawing attention to the chest. Such styles complement almost every figure. They also have the little black dress in a classic, girly Parisian style. Pink Tartan adds eye-catching details here and there, such as studded straps.

pink tartan's awesome fashion designs

Pink Tartan, being one of the most prolific brands for comfortable designer wear, is also a staple in office wardrobe. Their pieces, such as the Vienna Beaded Sweater, are very feminine in all the right places. The short-sleeved sweater, made of a variety of comfortable materials such as viscose, nylon, wool, cotton, angora, and cashmere, it is easy to wear because of its pull-on style. It has a ribbed jewel neck that you can take from day to night. You can wear it to the office during the day without having to change for an unplanned happy hour with your friends after work.

ladylike style at pink tartan dress design

The Pink Tartan Cutaway Jacket is another attention-grabbing piece from the brand. It exquisitely combines feminine and military elements. Any woman wearing this Cutaway Jacket will surely intimidate even the strongest male figure within sight. The stretched flannel jacket, even if it is in gray, is still a head turner because of its mandarin collar and button down front. The jacket has long sleeves and button cuffs, with decorative flap pockets positioned near the waist. The cutaway hem completes the interesting look of the jacket.

fancy spring summer pink tartan fashion show designs

On lazy and casual days, you can wear the Pink Tartan Solid-Band Printed Skirt. The skirt has a band that flatters almost any figure. Girls with a problematic mid-section will truly benefit from this style. The skirt comes in a clean, beige shade with a black belt print that swirls all over the skirt. It has a black band on the waist area to accentuate the waist. The pleated a-line skirt style shows off the legs and accents ample hips. The imported cotton and acrylic material will surely make the skirt a keeper in the closet.

Don’t forget to take advantage of any Pink Tartan sale. Pick up a few pieces from Pink Tartan to assure that you have the best wardrobe essentials.