Pillow shams are slip on covers for your pillows. The most important thing to note is that these covers are removable and you can change them as often as you wish. They are made of fabric and they are relatively cheap. You can get shams in various designs and shapes as you wish. They are made in pocket like fashion so that you insert your existing pillows inside and instantly give them a new look. Apart from protecting the pillow from getting dirty, they give it a new look every time you insert one.

The most important thing about pillow shams is that you can get as many as you want and you can change them as often as you want. Shams are so much more convenient than ordinary decorative pillows because you don’t have to stick with one design all the time. You can get as many types as possible and be changing them every now and then to match your moods and the theme colors in your living or bedroom.

royal class custom made monogrammed pillow shams

Pillow Sham Choices

There are several types of pillow shams. Some of the most attention catching design are:

1. Monogrammed pillow shams

Usually used in institutions and other similar places, these shams have the logo of the place that they appear. This will not only serve to discourage theft but also to identify them as property of the place. One can also form their own logo or image and have them screen printed onto the fabric of the pillow shams. The easiest material for this purpose is cotton and one can get white ones and do these designs on them. One may also get famous images and designs such as cartoon characters and have them graphically inserted here. This makes the pillow covers more personalized.

2. Flanged pillow shams

These are the most common especially for the living room use. They are very decorative and they come in plenty of designs. Their border design is especially beautiful and they can fit in with any kind of furniture. King size pillow shams are also available mainly in this design because it makes them more attractive. A wide range of materials can be used for these covers and cotton is by far the most popular. Chenille, satin, linen and silk are also very good materials for pillows and shams. There are all kind of brands to choose from including Pottery Barn, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

most consumers choice flanged pillow shams

3. Quilted pillow shams

Quilted pillow cases are very beautiful and they can incorporate many colors and designs/patterns. The border designs can vary and they are usually very interesting. Pillow shams that are quilted are very popular especially for the living room. One can get them in plain color and then they can be bordered with a different color just to make them unique. These will normally go very well with embroidered bedding sets and they give the bedroom a rare authentic look. This is a very convenient design to choose when in need of personalized pillow cases. They are lovely and unique and they are bound to put a lot of life back in your rooms.