A picture frame is a decorative border added on the edges of a picture or sometimes even painting to accentuate the picture and to serve as a protection of the paper used. Moreover, a picture frame makes it easier to hang pictures on a picture rail. In picture framing, it is vital that the color and style of the frame should complement the picture. The picture frames were traditionally made of wood but more professional artists of today use silver, bronze or aluminum for a more elegant finish. They can be shaped as square or rectangular although circular-shaped frames have also become popular nowadays. The shape still depends on the story of the picture.

modern era metallic picture framing

Two Popular Types of Picture Framing Tools

1.)  Wooden Frames:

Wooden picture frame is the choice for framing paintings. Wood can be decorated by carvings and be stained by varnish hence gives a dramatic effect on the painting itself.

2.)  Metallic Frames:

Metallic picture frame is a common choice for a personal photograph. This type of frame is made not to be excessively dramatic so it will not take the limelight away from the scene of the photo.

Choosing a Frame For Your Photos

·        Getting More For Less:

Picture framing is the best way to give emphasis to a certain decorative photo in a house. It does not have to be necessarily expensive because many retailer stores offer ready-made picture frame. There are also many DIY tutorial videos on YouTube that give suggestions on how to make a picture frame. Make sure though that you have the complete picture framing tools to aid you with your project.

  • Customizing Photo Frames:

However, if you have an extra income which you want to spend on making your photo look lovely, custom picture framing is a great option for you. This will be a great idea for framing odd-shaped photos. This is also the choice for big picture framing like wedding photographs. A lot of photographers offer their customers custom made frames and they can be expensive. The price to pay for a custom made frames may be high but the result will surely satisfy meticulous clients.

Here are the benefits of custom picture framing:

1.)    Personalized – You can personally give input on how you visualize the outcome of the frames. There is a choice to make up own design for the frames and let the professionals do tedious job.

2.)    Durable – There is freedom for you to choose the materials to be used for picture framing, thus assuring you that the picture frames are built to last.

3.)    Accurate – Custom made frames are almost always accurate when it comes to space allowances of the photo to the frames. Apparently because the picture is measured thoroughly before building the frames.

vintage wooden picture framing

If you are a sentimental type of person who loves to keep memoirs of experiences caught by photographs, consider framing these photos to retain their quality over periods of time. Use these picture frames as a decorative piece in your living room as this will add a dramatic effect to a once dull and boring room and may bring smiles to the faces of the viewers.