These days, more and more people are availing of plastic surgery in order to improve their physical appearance. As vanity continues to proliferate because of the great influence of media, a lot of individuals are becoming very discontented with how they look. Many people also desire to remain young looking. Hence, these people turn to various surgical procedures to achieve the look that they want. Although this is more acceptable nowadays, it is essential for you to find out first the risks in plastic surgery before you actually plunge into it.

Precautionary Risks in Plastic Surgery

Financial Burden

For people who are not quite wealthy and may have a difficult time raising the money to get a nose job or a botox, for example, plastic surgery can indeed be a financial burden. Such procedures, after all, are very expensive especially if you avail them from well-known clinics and doctors. Naturally, a lot of people prefer to go to those who are more popular and experienced and those that have a good track record in this field. The downside, however, is the high cost of each procedure.


Of course you cannot avoid incision lines if you have plastic surgery done on your face or on your body. Although doctors are able to hide these telltale lines at times, they are still permanent scars that you will carry with you all throughout your entire life. Because this is one of the unavoidable risks in plastic surgery, you should therefore make sure to get a good doctor to do your surgery so that the results are wonderful just like with the Cameron Diaz plastic surgery. This famous Hollywood actress still looks fresh and beautiful despite her age because of the plastic surgery that she has had done.

Successful Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery


In any surgery, there is always a risk of bleeding. Of all the risks in plastic surgery, this is probably one of the most dangerous as it can actually lead to further complications that can be a threat to your wellbeing and even to your life.

Hematoma can be caused through bleeding. It can cause you numbness along with the inflammation of the skin. So instead of looking better, you might end up wanting to hide your face and body forever.


This is also another harmful risk, as it refers to the death of tissues. When the supply of oxygen to the area being operated is not enough, it is possible to suffer from Necrosis. Often, this is more likely to happen for those who undergo breast reductions, face lifts, and tummy tucks.


One of the scariest risks in plastic surgery is getting infections. Since there are open wounds, infections may arise. The signs for such include fever, discharge, foul odor, and inflammation in the area.

Nerve Damage

It is also important to note that nerve damage may also occur in the process of plastic surgery. If this occurs, you may even become paralyzed.

Negative Social Image

Aside from the health and medical risks in plastic surgery, one of the things that sometimes hold back people is the negative social image that may result from having these procedures done. Perhaps this is because even in modern times, people still regard natural beauty higher and generally frown on plastic surgery. This is commonly a cause for gossip especially among celebrities who are expected to look good even without such things. Thus, there is a negative effect on the social image.

Indeed there are a lot of risks in plastic surgery to consider before you make a final decision. Nevertheless, it is still up to you as to whether you want to go through with it or not despite finding out about these risks.