Kids love to use their innovative ideas for creating something new. It not only gives them the ultimate fun experience, but also helps them to explore their hidden talents. Well, when it comes to crafts, the easiest one to start with is undoubtedly a photo frame, which is why learning a few photo framing craft ideas for kids can be quite fun. Everyone loves to flaunt their family pictures and self portraits.

funny kids photo framing idea

Fun Photo Framing Projects For Children

Whether, you want to arrange your favorite photographs on a picture rail or you want them on your bedside table, pictures are always considered as the best way to keep your memories alive lifelong. You may find photo frames of various sizes, shapes and colors, available in the market. However, personalized ones are always more precious, especially if it has the touch of your little ones

Listed below is some of the most popular photo framing craft ideas for kids:

1.)  Craft Stick Picture Frames:

Well, this one is the easiest and the fastest photo frame to make. If your kid is new to these crafting jobs, let him or her to get started with this one.


For this particular design, you need some craft sticks, a hot glue gun, acrylic paints according to your choice along with few sequins, buttons, and beads for decorating the frame.


First of all, paint the sticks, followed by pasting them to make a square outer frame, or, you may try other interesting shapes. Cut out the background board and paste the picture on it. Finally, place the outer frame on the prepared background piece and voila!

2.)  CD Box Picture Frames:

Out of all photo framing craft ideas for kids, this one is really creative.


All you need for creating your own CD box photo holder is an empty CD container, sticky tapes, white glue and a cardboard for the background support.


Fix the photo from inside the CD box cover with its face towards outside. Now, fit the designed cardboard behind the photo. Decorate the outer surface of the CD box with laces and felt cut-outs and you are all set to display your photo.

kids clay craft photo framing ideas

3.)  Personalized Existing Frames:

Among the various photo framing craft ideas for kids, this particular idea is quite interesting.


Buy a simple and sturdy photo frame from the store and use vibrant paints, felt cut-outs, beads and other decorative stuffs, for giving it an entirely different look.


Instead of making something new, why don’t you try embellishing readymade stuff in a personalized manner? You can go for traditional looks with sparkles and sequins or just try some contemporary styles such as a double bordered frame.

You can also opt for specific themed picture frames such as for special occasions like Halloween or Christmas.

Girls generally like colorful and gorgeous stuff including flowers, shiny beads, tiny doll figures, and toy jewelry pieces. While on the other hand, boys prefer little plastic dinosaurs, wheels, toy soldiers, and stamps and all this kind of stuff. By concentrating on such details, you can make the work even more interesting for your kids.

Thus, with these photo framing craft ideas for kids, now, you can let your kids to polish their creative skills and come up with unique crafts for memory keeping.