Just because you only stand 5’3” or shorter does not mean you can never look stunning and you cannot wear elegant evening dresses. The variety of petite evening dresses is almost endless from frothy silhouettes to fluffy skirts to handkerchief hemlines. For petite women who are a bit wider, there are plus size petite evening dresses that are as fashionable as regular ones. All of these designs are confident, playful, flirty and fun. However, as with any other type of fashion, wearing petite long evening dresses or other similar designs have an art to it. Not everybody can wear the latest designs with ease and style.

simple and formal little black dress

To help you dress up, here are several suggestions that you can take if you are a small woman:

womens turquoise taffeta modest evening dresses

  • Asymmetrical hemlineshandkerchief hems, high-low hemlines and jagged hemlines are back again with a vengeance. However, these styles do not look too good on petite women. The effect is to make them look even smaller, especially if the ends of these petite evening dresses reach down to the mid-calf. The best way to wear these styles is to choose those that have delicate jags. Avoid dresses with severe jags. Choose a hemline that has the lowest part of the skirt not overshooting the knees. Asymmetrical hemlines, especially diagonally cut designs are considered as nightmare for petite women. As the hemline goes across your thighs, it will make them look bigger. Women that have small derrières though would look quite great with diagonal hemlines.
  • Halter top necklines – these styles are favorites for evening dresses petite or not. For those with small busts, the halter top is especially flattering, since the straps cut across the shoulders, making them appear wider. Petite evening dresses with deep neck halters are particularly good for the bust as they make them look fuller. The style also makes the legs appear longer and the waist smaller. The additional emphasis on the neck provides a longer illusion as well as an almost swanlike look. Halter tops are sexy and something that is hope by many petite women to last a very long time.
  • Flowing skirts – when selecting petite evening dresses with flowing skirts, it is recommended that you do it with good and rational judgment. There are plenty of designs that are available on the market that include self-colored and floral prints in cotton, silk and chiffon. Never choose designs that have large prints in them. These rarely look good on small women.

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If you can, choose a dress that has a belt as it is a great method of showing off your small waist. It also accentuates the bust well. Belted styles, especially those with wide ribbons or ruched satin will look great on small women and they add the necessary zing to your outfit.

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Something to remember though: no matter what type of belt you choose, remember that it will break the cohesion of your attire and reduce its length. Thus, try to pick petite evening dresses that have a sash color that is similar to the dress.