The most beautiful personalized stockings make wonderful accents to the home. Often, people who are good with home crafting will buy the supplies and decorate their own stockings. The stockings being referred to here, are the large ones that are typically hung during Christmas in the U.S. However, they are not exclusively for Christmas and do not need to carry Christian symbolism.

Needlepoint stockings are often created for the holidays.

homemade family set christmas stockings

Types and styles available

  • Heirloom quality – These stockings are made with one purpose in mind: to be passed down by generation. Often, the matriarch of the family will gather the children and husbands to jointly create wonderful personalized stockings. They will be created with deep-seated family meaning to become heirlooms for future holidays.
  • Needlepoint stockings for Christmas – Many families either purchase needlepoint stitched stockings or create their own. It is all for the benefit of hanging them by the Christmas tree or by the chimney to fill with small gifts for the holidays.

The different styles of these stockings are listed next.

Popular styles/designs and traditions

Everyone has their own unique design palette. What works well in one home and by one family’s beliefs, may not necessarily work well in another. Therefore, heed some of the common designs shared below so you can get a feel for what you may try with your personalized stockings this year.

for daughters best christmas stocking gifts

  • Pet design – If you love your pets, then imagine stitching your pets’ cute little pictures on stockings. People enjoy stitching all types of animals on their stockings to hang by the chimney in honor of their family pets.
  • Family portrait – Personalized stockings can include having family pictures embroidered or screen printed onto stockings. This way you have a tradition of hanging beautiful family photos in fabric form by the chimney.
  • Christian theme – For those who believe in Jesus, the Savior is often stitched onto stockings. Christians observe this tradition because they believe Christmas is Christ’s day of birth.
  • Evergreen tree – How about all those evergreen tree lovers? The scent of balsam and elegance of the needles on a Christmas tree are wonderful. Many families enjoy the tradition of hanging personalized stockings depicting balsam or fir trees on the stockings in honor of the popular greens of the season.
  • Snowy scenes – To avoid all religious connotation, many families will opt for a snowy design on their stockings and in the home. These folks prefer snowy scenery; home roofs covered in snow, snow banks, and even people playing or caroling in the snow.