When it comes to times of the year when you send heart warming cards to clients, friends, loved ones or family members, Christmas is likely at the top of the list. The United States census estimates that in 2010, over 1.9 billion Christmas cards were sent during the holiday months. Even with a decline in popularity of traditional printed mail, this tradition is alive and strong within many Christmas celebrating populations. However, when it comes to Christmas card messages, themes vary drastically. What is suitable for sending to a crazy Aunt Ethel or your frat buddies from your college days might not be appropriate for sending to clients or your boss.

Fortunately, there are many sample Christmas card messages available on the Internet to help you choose a tone and theme for your Christmas card messages. If you are unsure where to start, consider these guidelines.

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Helpful Tips In Creating Christmas Card Messages

  • For business Christmas card messages, keep things non-denominational and gender neutral. If you are looking to send one general card to thousands of clients, employees or contacts, this allows you to account for personal beliefs, lifestyles or circumstances while still communicating the intended sentiments. Phrases such as “Happy Holidays” are often used in place of specific events to ensure that multiple belief systems are included.

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  • Personal Christmas card messages to family and friends can often be chosen based on the intended recipients personalities. Children often enjoy light-hearted or humorous cards, while you might consider something more romantic or emotional for spouses, parents or siblings. Keep in mind that content is always subject to opinion, while your brother might find a joke about reindeer droppings hilarious, the same might not be said for your great grandmother.
  • Religious Christmas card messages are a great way to honor your personal beliefs or the beliefs of the intended recipient. These often feature inspirational biblical passages and feature imagery pertaining to the biblical Christmas story. Popular images include the North Star, Baby Jesus and the manger.

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Many people and families save Christmas cards from year to year and place them around their home during the holiday season. For this reason, including personalized Christmas card messages and dates in each card can provide nostalgia and sentiment to a card even years down the road. This also provides a great way to preserve cherished memories of holiday seasons for future generations.

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Most general retailers or drug stores and many dedicated websites offer a wide array of Christmas cards from which to choose. This makes finding the perfect Christmas card messages for everyone on your list convenient and affordable. Whether you are showing gratitude to a client base, updating family and friends or simply letting someone know you are thinking of them, Christmas card messages are always a great way to show someone they matter to you during the holiday season.