Embroidered towels are very personal possessions. They are not like plain towels which are blunt and boring. When you get out of bath, your skin is at its most delicate state. Having soft towels which are embroidered according to your sense of taste is a very welcoming comfort.

Towels are absorbent fabrics that you use to dry your hands and skin after washing. It is a personal property that you often use. Adding a personal signature design strengthens your bond with your things. It also gives you a sense of belongingness or oneness with your personal things.

silky embroidered and non twist towel

Common uses for embroidered towels

Having embroidered towels have lots of benefits. The most common uses for these are:   

  • For identification. If you are a college student living in a dormitory, having your towels accidentally used by you roommate is just unthinkable. Embroidered bath towels and embroidered hand towels gives you the benefit of being able to fully separate your personal things from others.
  • For keeping baby’s skin safe. If you have a baby in your home, having its own baby embroidered towels will keep its delicate skin from getting in contact with skin infections from an adult who have mistakenly used its towels. Teddy bear embroidery or a cartoon character is a design which identifies your baby’s things from the common things around your home, especially with towels.
  • For giveaways. Most clubs, game teams, and companies give embroidered towels for their constituents to remind them of their loyalty to their team. It is also a good gift for employees which they can keep as a memorabilia of the company where they have once worked with.
  • For self-expression. Creating a design for your embroidered towels is also like creating a design for your skin tattoo. Towels are a good medium for self-expression. You can make your towel a great artwork by expressing yourself through your own designs.
  • For preventing others from using your towel by mistake. If you love going out to a crowded area like the beach where lots of identical things are scattered all over, having embroidered beach towels will keep them from being taken away by a stranger.

even personalized bath towels

Common designs of embroidered towels available

Embroidered towels have many styles and designs. The most common are letters which are initials of the name of the owner. Others are composed of one letter only which is the first letter of the family name of the house owner or of a hotel name, in short, a monogram.

Floral patterns are the common choice of mothers for towels which they usually use in the kitchen and in the bath. Children love their towels to be embroidered with their favorite cartoon character which they can show off to their friends in school. Cartoon embroidered hand towels are kids’ best choice to use in school. Club and company logos are also very widely used as design embroidery. Usually, they are ordered in bulk to get a cheaper price to be given to each of their members or workers.

best for gift personalized beach towel embroidered with name

How do you care for embroidered towels?

Towels are made of cotton. They can be machine washed and tumble dried afterwards. If you notice a stain on a white towel, have a few drops of bleach only on the portion of the stain. Use a soft brush to gently remove it off. Avoid adding bleach and brushing on the embroidered portion. This will make the thread unravel and get faded. If a colored towel is stained, use bleach which is specially made for colored fabrics. This will spare your towels from having lighter spots due to the bleaching effect.

Usually, towels develop an unpleasant smell. It is because they are used and mostly unwashed for a long time. If this is the situation, pour hot water over it after rinsing it thoroughly. This will kill the bacterial colonies which cannot be done by washing with soap only. Rinse with a sweet smelling fabric conditioner before you tumble dry.

best for babies embroidered smooth towel

Keeping your personal things well-labeled will save you from skin diseases, frequent losses due to mistake and accidental usage by others. Embroidered towels are the best idea to do to imprint your name or signature in an artistic way.