To say that a wedding is the couple’s day is only partly true. In truth, a wedding day is also a day for the couple’s families, relatives and friends. It is a day for these guests to be reunited, if they already know one another; if not, it is a day for them to get acquainted and have a good time with the couple.

Clearly, weddings would not be as much fun without the guests. It is only proper that the couple give something back, in return for the guests’ finding time to grace the special occasion with their presence, amid their rather hectic schedule. Any of the personalised wedding favours would be an excellent idea.

cute personalised wedding favours

Personalised wedding favours are items of any sort suitable for giving away at wedding receptions. These personalized favours for weddings serve as the newlywed couple’s token of gratitude or appreciation for coming to witness their matrimony and to celebrate it with them.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to personalised wedding favours. Anything goes actually, so long as they do not offend the guests and they are not unlawful. Since it is difficult to come up with something cool and unique at the last minute, couples are advised to do research and to ask around ahead of time.

best personalized favours for weddings

The couple could ask the help of their wedding coordinator, in case they have one. Alternatively, they could get ideas from their married friends. They could even look up famous celebrity weddings or turn to wedding books and magazines. Just the same, here are personalized wedding favour ideas and tips that may help couples in preparing for their much-awaited marriage.

First personalised wedding favours tip – Plan ahead. Couples should give value to wedding favours just as they find wedding invitations important. Of course, they should decide what kind of favours to give away and how many. For the latter, they should fix on whether they should give personalised wedding favours that are common to all or assorted ones; or separate favours for the entourage; or different favours for female and male guests; or should they include the children in their count; or give favours per couple, group or family, and the like.

best personalized wedding favour ideas

Second personalised wedding favours tip – Shop around. The easiest way to accomplish the task is to just look around for inexpensive wedding favours. One may find these in thrift shops selling trinkets, arts and craft shops, accessory shops and other shops that sell preferably wholesale items. When shopping, the couple must consider the availability of the chosen item. Of course, they would need several pieces to accommodate all recipients. They must remember to buy a few extra as buffer for certain contingencies.

Third personalised wedding favours tip – Customize. Favours could also actually serve as a great remembrance for everyone of the special occasion. In order for this to be possible, it is highly suggested that the couple add labels to the giveaways. Usually, the couple’s names, the date of the wedding, and a short message of thanks appear on the labels of personalised wedding favours. Other couples would like to add their photo into it.

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Fourth personalised wedding favours tip – Think useful. Couples may have their own ideas wherein they try to be creative and unique. This is great. It would even be better if the couple could think of something that could be useful to the guests. In this way, guests would appreciate the giveaway more.

Fifth and last personalised wedding favours tip – Go theme! To make things very easy for the couple, they could limit their imagination to their entire wedding theme. This is not a must do actually. However, matching every detail of the wedding, from the pre-wedding invitations up to the post-wedding favours, would certainly make everything perfect.