There are many perfume frequently asked questions that must be lingering in the minds of most perfume users. It is obvious that any product or brand comes with a number of questions and doubts. Some of these doubts can be really daunting and might put you in two minds about the product. It is thus necessary to have all your questions answered before you buy a perfume so that you know that you are choosing the right ones. The increase in the number of quality perfume brands such as the Betsey Johnson perfume has indeed made the choice difficult. There are numerous perfumes FAQs that can be mind-boggling. Here are some of these perfumes FAQs answered for you.

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Perfume FAQs Answered

           1.      Which is the right place to apply perfumes?

Answer: The lower part of the body is where you should begin applying perfumes from. Start from behind the knees and move to the elbows and the wrist. Also apply behind the ear and simply spray some into the air and walk through that. Remember not to rub the perfume onto your wrist. Rubbing works to inhibit the fragrance by crushing it.

            2.      Are perfumes safe?

Answer: This is one of the more popular perfumes FAQs. Many have this doubt about perfumes and yes, they are safe or at least, most of them are. However, there are chances of allergies. You may be allergic to an ingredient used in a particular perfume. You could do a patch test before you choose if you are prone to allergies. Just spray some on the back of your wrist and see. If there is no reaction within an hour, the perfume is safe for you to use.

            3.      Is there a way to make perfumes stay on for longer?

Answer: Yes, there indeed is a way. Apply moisturizer or lotion first and then use perfume. This will help you smell great for longer.

            4.      Do perfumes come with an expiry date?

Answer: You must use your perfume within 6 months of opening the bottle because after that period of time, the aldehydes and alcohols in the perfumes will fade away and the fragrance will be lost. It will leave behind a very chemical-like smell.

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             5.      How do I increase the life of my perfume?

Answer: This is also among the popular perfumes FAQs. Don’t ever keep your perfume under direct sunlight. You need to keep in mind that they will last longer if you preserve them in a place with constant temperature. Hence, be sure never to store your perfumes in the bathroom.

             6.      Is it good to move from one perfume in the day to another one at night?

Answer: As long as you are using complementary notes, you’ll be fine. But make sure you apply bright perfumes in the morning and rich and sensual at night. Hence, it’s not a good idea to use two at the same time.