Performance evaluation forms are assessment forms that are based on a person’s over all performance in his or her responsibilities at the work place. This may include the strengths and weaknesses of the person as well as the goal of the person involved. The performance evaluation forms are normally conducted for employees who are up to promotion or demotion. Performance evaluation forms should also be given annually to employees to review their effectiveness to the company.

A company, ideally, should conduct performance evaluation forms for employees. This is to ensure that the employees are doing their job as best as they could. With too many employees working for a single company, it would be very hard to know which one deserves a raise and which others do not.

checklist type performance appraisal

2 Major Types of Performance Evaluation Forms

1.) Checklist Type:

A checklist type of template may contain different choices in the forms. An employee can only check those that are applicable to his performance. This performance evaluation forms template will render a not so accurate outcome since there will only be a few choices given. The employee cannot freely expand his or her answers.

2.) Essay Type:

An essay type of template is much easier for the employee because it gives a lot of spaces for the employee to expand his or her explanation. This kind of template though would be very tedious to the assessor because the assessor needs to read every thoughts of the employee. Imagine if you have about hundreds of employees!

sample teacher evaluation essay

Choosing the Best Form Templates

Sometimes, it can be very timeconsuming to create performance evaluation forms templates. Most managers as we all know are very busy with their hectic schedule that making a unique performance evaluation forms for employees could be too much. Thus, there are online websites that provide performance evaluation forms free.

There are too many performance evaluation examples but how can one know which one is suitable for the company? The performance evaluation forms should be based on the company’s vision and goals. It should incorporate the aim of the company, thus relating it to the employee’s performance.

After the performance evaluation forms have been answered, the manager or an HR representative should discuss the appraisal with the employee involved. An employee can then complain or accept the assessor’s review of the evaluation. After both parties have agreed to the result, the performance evaluation forms must be signed by the employee and the assessor.