Pencil grips are all the rage in the schools. These are small, spongy objects that go around the base of the pencil. They are typically made of plastic or light foam designed to give comfort to the writer while clasping a pencil between the fingers which could be very hurting for some. They even come in a myriad of colors and decorative designs.

Pencil grips for kids are an innovation that many consider as something that has been a long time coming. With all the different designs available in the market, any kid would be proud to use pencil grips. Not only do they prevent the fingers from getting sore, some even try to correct an improper grasp which could lead to illegible handwriting or tired hands.

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Pencil grips were invented by a prominent educational therapist, Dr. Lois Provda, a specialist in the field of educational therapy. Dr. Provda saw a way to provide an easier way to use and hold a pencil. Pencil grips have come to do and mean more than that. They provide comfort in handling pencils while giving another form of status symbol to students.

Types of Pencil Grips

These creative writing aids come in dozens of styles, some of them for aesthetics, while some use ergonomics to support human hands. Of all types of pencil grips, two of them stand out, which are:

Pencil grips for kids reviews

  • Stetro pencil grips
  • Triangle pencil grips

Stetro pencil grips are ergonomically designed to provide positions for the fingers that encourage the correct writing posture. They look like squished clay that tightly wraps around the pencil. Each of the depressed areas of the grips serves as resting bays for the fingers. They are great for young writers and handicapped students as they automatically provide and encourage proper pencil grip. They keep the fingers and thumb correctly placed to provide ease of use and comfort for all ages.

Triangle pencil grips offer a comfortable grip and encourage proper finger positioning, named as such because of its triangular shape. These pencil grips are preferred by left handed people, contrary to Stetro pencil grips used mostly by right handed people.

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Why Pencil Grips Are Important

If you are a parent or a teacher struggling with a few students who find the proper pencil grip difficult or awkward, pencil grips for kids can be the answer to a serious problem. Some students may grasp the pencil too hard, others too lightly. Others will seriously hold the pencil incorrectly by pointing the eraser forward instead of backwards. Both Stetro and triangle pencil grips grant an inclusion to provide their fingers with proper positions to encourage further and future proper writing posture.

Pencil grips come in plain and decorated forms. If you do not need to address an issue with proper writing posture, you might be interested in choosing the circular and soft pencil grips that are not essentially designed for proper writing posture.

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You will find countless styles that your student might be interested in, but remember to always keep in consideration their ultimate good. If they truly need a specific type of pencil grip, stick to that agenda and buy them what they need. If they require help in the area of writing posture and are left-handed, remember that the triangle pencil grip was designed specifically for them.

The importance of using pencil grips should not be undermined especially by mentors and parents. These innovations are convenient enough to help kids with handwriting dilemmas. These problems not only show a physical problem but will also become a social problem if not corrected. Some kids are being bullied in school because of illegible handwriting. With pencil grips, students will not only have proper writing posture, legible handwriting, but they will also feel good about themselves, especially in the long run