You don’t have to be a mechanic to need or understand tire tools and accessories. If you own a vehicle then the chances are you’ve at least changed a tire due to a flat. Even if you haven’t done that you’ve likely inflated the tire from an air compressor when you’ve noticed the tire becoming soft. Regardless of the type of tire, be it Duro tires or Dunlop, all tires require similar tool usage and care. But what are some of the other tools used in the tire industry to maintain and install them?

original clarke industrial air compressor

List of Tire Tools and Accessories

  • Air compressor – This is vital for whenever your tire runs low on air. If you need to inflate it, for as little as $70 you can purchase a quality compressor and inflate your tires right at home.
  • Vehicle jack – How else can you remove the tire unless you jack up the vehicle? As far as tire tools and accessories go, this is an essential piece of your tire repair protocol.
  • Chucks – These are any form of plastic, metal, or rubber footings used to trig against your tires. It makes it so you can’t roll around if you’re parked on a slope.
  • Wheel locks – As a theft deterrent, you can install these locking lug nuts on your vehicle. It requires the special key to remove but at least would-be thieves can’t take your quality tires and rims.
  • Tire irons – For lug nut removal, you will require a tire iron.
  • Tire thumpers – Having trouble removing that pesky tire after its gone flat? Sometimes everything rusts right to the brake disks and you have issues removing a tire. A thumper is a dense, handheld tool (or a bar) that you use to hit the tire to help remove it from the axle.
  • Valve stem removers – In case you have a compromised valve stem, there are handheld tools to remove the stems.
  • Inner tubes – For any tire tools and accessories home kit, you’ll want to keep inner tubes on hand for tires that require them for air retention.

myers valve stem capwith core remover

Tire Safety Tips

As with all mechanics, there is a certain level of safety precaution that should be heeded when working with tires. Whether you’re moving them, lifting them, inflating them or retreading a tire you should always have safety and protection in mind.

  • Wear eye protection.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Lift all tires with the help of someone else or using your legs, not your back.
  • Never over-inflate tires; be mindful of their maximum PSI rating.
  • Inspect your mounted tires for heavy tread wear and foreign objects puncturing the tire

Understanding these important tire tools and accessories will enable any car owner to utilize them to their full extent in order for both the owner and the vehicle to have a lasting partnership.